10 Luxury Brands Specialized in Fabrics: What They Offer and Why they are Great

Are you looking for brands that exude elegance, maybe simplistic beauty, or even classy schemes? Well, you have found your answer. May it be for clothing, curtains, beds, and sofas, or even for an exclusive range of armchairs, whatever purpose it may serve these 10 luxury brands will lift your spirits as these brands present you with the best choices that you can choose from.


Hailing from Portugal, Aldeco Interior Fabrics, are editors and textile specialists who create and produce varied fabrics

that serve purposes in different decors and interior architecture for your homes and other establishments. This textile brand proudly raises the flag of the world’s heritage and culture as they celebrate it through their exceptional fabrics

for your sofas, armchairs, curtains, and many more. As a world-renowned brand, Aldeco’s international distribution has reached 60 countries, and among those having exclusive showrooms in Paris, Madrid, Oporto, Lisbon, and Vilamoura in Algarve.


With a picture in mind, Marcel Boussac founded the Boussac brand with its core principle of innovation and keeping up with the times. Although Pierre Frey, the new owner, stuck with the original concept and incorporate new artistic elements inspired by art movements. Not only do their fabrics keep up with the changing times, but they also have their unique style in applying technical and stylistic points of view in their fabrics. For your home décor and armchairs, this is a good choice.


If you are looking for a more exquisite and sophisticated look, then Hermes is the right choice. This widely praised fabric icon has a lot to offer with different tales. The harmony that each fabric exudes is perfect for your home décor for armchairs and such. When interior design is in talks, fabrics like Hermes are always on the job.


If hand-illustrated is what you need, Missprint has lots to offer. Their astounding creations have been referred to by many people, because of their known botanical print, geometric textures, and design. Wallpaper, fabric, home accessories, and even for armchairs, Missprint can never let you down.


Christian Lacroix is a fabric brand that exceeds expectations. Christian Marie Marc Lacroix, the French fashion designer, combines the luxurious feel and insouciance of fabrics. Upholstery, armchairs, curtains? It does not matter, because everything you need is here. His collections scream elegance and sophistication.


Casamance, with their fine couture color schemes, relives the contemporary feel in their creations. They envision the classics of the future while creating designs that are built for no time at all. Their collections in fabrics captivate what they envision and are appealing to our naked eyes. One of which is the Ritournelle Collection, where powerful graphics are fit together into a fabric. Displaying a more contemporary look to the overall appeal of the design. A perfect complement to your porches’ armchairs.


With creativity at its finest, Chivasso offers the top picks that you can choose from. Whether it is for home décors like armchairs and even upholstery. This brand characterizes its fabrics with open-mindedness and imaginative creativity. Their design also deploys innovative concepts that are fit in the modern world. 


Reflective on life, Missoni Home grabs the spotlight on the concept of life as their inspiration in their beautiful creations. Rosita Missoni, the art director of this collection, has been leading the brand to the global stage. One notable element of their creative masterpieces is the variegated mosaic of fabrics. It is the foundation of their works.


From these choices, why not choose leather? Moore and Giles, as the leading manufacturer in leather, has been the number one with their timeless styles. It has intricate designs that always capture the hearts of many. Armchair with leather? It is perfect.


As a historical brand, Ralph Lauren continues to amaze people with their creations that reflect their history. Ralph Lauren’s designs have impacted people and influenced their styles, which is why many are referring to their branding when it comes to interior architecture.


As the century goes by, it is only a matter of time that your home decors will be left out. By the emerging sense of interior design in the modern era, so now’s your chance to spice it up. So, buckle up and be amazed.

Steve Liem

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