3 Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Company

Many individuals claim to hold the perfect formula to achieve virality in social media marketing. But the reality is no single figure has the cultural zeitgeist at their fingertips. Content that goes viral online can increasingly emerge from unlikely corners and fringe communities of the internet. For social media entrepreneurs, that leaves marketing fundamentals as the only sure route to achieving some degree of consistent success.

Some marketers, such as Kfir Amos, the founder of Bay Tech Media, advocate for tried-and-tested methods of generating social media buzz. They argue mixing specialization in internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design and retaining experts in various online fields is pivotal for online success.

Rather than constantly chasing the current trend, some opt to channel business fundamentals onto social media. In a space consistently crowded with noise and short term solutions, here is an insight into what can make a marketing company tick with its clients:

Care about your clients

When operating in social media, it’s easy to get drawn into chasing numbers. Statistics and analytics form the basis of marketing on such platforms—a reality many are becoming aware of.

To some, the essence of providing the client with their desired solution has been lost. Righting that wrong could make the difference between a leader in marketing and a follower. 

“Your focus with each client should be ‘Do more, care more,’” Amos said. “You have to be transparent with regards to any feedback or suggestions. Keeping this principle in mind can help you build strong bonds and relationships with your clients as your company grows.”

Push for engagement

An increased focus on client care need not necessitate a lax approach to social media engagement. Engagement forms the basis of traction on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and driving it is the mechanism to bring the consumer onside. 

“Post likes without comments or any other interaction aren’t going to cut it,” the CEO explained. “It’s essential to connect with your followers and start an open discussion. From there, you can learn the desired behaviors that are likely to achieve the best outcomes for your clients online.”

Calls for a subversive focus on interaction rather than raw likes align with many of the biggest social media platforms’ algorithms. The likes of Facebook encourage comments because they reflect a more dynamic buzz around a brand or product. Taking advantage of that is an aspect many campaigns fail to appreciate.

Support small businesses

The success of agencies is often qualified by the caliber of clients they have worked with. What such presumptions may fail to recognize is that, with support, small businesses have the potential to grow into large ones. It follows that big players should back companies with room to grow both for philanthropic reasons and because doing so could create growth for both parties.

“It’s important to support small and local businesses to help them achieve the awareness and recognition they deserve,” Amos said. “Volunteering in the community is also a fundamental part of that as communities are where businesses are born. The most successful entrepreneurs are true believers in helping others and creating a better world.”

Grasping the bigger picture of the world around them could make all the difference for aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s easy to get lost in the world wide web, but some believe what creates success is the occasional trip back down to Earth.

3 Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Company

Steve Liem

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