6 Main SEO Advantages of Article Submission Services

These services allow webmasters to post their original content on article submission directories which helps generate a lot of SEO benefits for their websites. Here, we will lay out the six most important benefits that you can gain through article submission websites.

A great factor that makes article submission a must for SEO is that major article submission websites allow author signature with keywords in the text. You gain two benefits from that. One: the keywords will help you generate links to your website, thus increasing searching engine rankings and website traffic. Second: your signature is letting you introduce yourself to your readers, and your authoritative article will help you come out as an expert in your industry, an authority on the subject. This is great for image building and reputation management, not to forget popularity.

Quantity of back-links is another major advantage of article directories. Quality links, no doubt, are highly important but we must not forget the importance of what high number of one-way back-links can do to search engine rankings. The more back-links you have, the higher you will rate with search engines.

Another advantage that article submission provides is the possibility of other webmasters republishing your articles. This means that by submitting your article only once, you will be making it available to get more than one back-links, if it gets republished.

As many article directories use different IP addresses, you are in a good position to get even higher search rankings. From search engines’ point of view, one link on, let’s say, two different IP addresses deserves to be counted twice. Keeping that in mind, if your same article is submitted in different article directories which are on different IP addresses, your article will get that same higher number of back-links, thus increasing your search engine rankings.

One of the greatest advantages of article websites is that these are completely free of cost. You do not have to pay even a dime to submit your articles on highly popular article submission websites. Of course there are some that charge you some money by offering premium packages or any other submission services with attractive names; you can get the same benefits by using those good old free of cost article submission services.

Finally, and most importantly, relevant traffic is the greatest SEO advantage that you can get by using article submission service. The people who will be visiting your websites by reading your articles will be relevant, as compared to random traffic coming to your website through search engines. Now, keep all this in mind and decide for yourself if submission is indeed not a worthwhile SEO technique.

Steve Liem

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