7 Ways to Make Money in College

College is one of the best experiences of one’s life. College is where your transition into the real world happens. You learn the ways of the world and get prepared to start a practical life. One of the lessons that college life teaches us is that of managing finances. With all the hangouts, parties, assignments, projects, the expenses keep piling up and the pocket money isn’t enough to keep the engine running. Well, here are 7 Ways to Make Money in College:

1. Selling stock photos
If you have a camera in handy, taking pictures and selling them online is a very good way of earning some good bucks, especially if you enjoy photography. It works like this; you take pictures and upload them on sites which deal in stock photography. Every time your photo is downloaded, you earn. And the best part is, you can still keep the copyrights.

2. Online Writing
If you have a good writing expression, this might be your thing. There are many websites that offer freelance work. It’s a well-paying job and the best part is that the timings are flexible. Since its freelance, you can take more work when you are free and take a break during exams. All you need is an internet connection and a computer and you can make some good bucks.

3. Tutoring
If you have a good command over any specific subject, you might be able to get yourself a tutoring job. A lot of students need coaching in areas where they lag behind. So your best subject might be someone’s weakest. All you need to do is to put up some flyers and find people who need extra coaching. Not only will this earn you some money, it will also help you keep your knowledge refreshed.

4. Odd Jobs
Find jobs that people around you want to get done. For example, mow lawns, babysit, take pets for a stroll, and offer gardening services. Be the odd job person, and everyone will want you to do something for them. Once you get a hang of it, you can team up with friends and make a small group for running such errands.

5. Small time engineering
If you know a bit about computers, woodwork or electronics etc, you can fix things for people. Install software, repair furniture or change switches. Find your thing and become the self-taught repair guy. If you do well, you can get good rates.

6. Buy and Sell
People at times don’t like to run to the market for every little thing. Be the guy that does it for them. Get them CDs, groceries, cosmetics and anything else they want. You can either charge it as a service cost, or charge a percentage on every product you deliver.

7. Build a Website or a Blog – Internet is becoming more and more popular. All you need is an active website or a blog that attracts traffic. Link it up with other softwares and earn money every time people visit your site.

Also, being a student is a full time job already thus a proper job is hard to manage. So here is how college students can get good grades and make some money on the side. Remember, do not burden yourself with a lot of pressure. You need to keep your sanity when you are making money and studying at the same time.

Steve Liem

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