A monkey caught in an a spot of bother wins Comedy Wildlife Photo Award 2021

A photo of a golden silk monkey looking very uncomfortable has won first prize at the Comedy Wildlife Awards 2021. The competition winners were revealed on BBC’s The One Show in front of a million viewers, making it the first time it’s been publicized on TV.

Ken Jensen from Blackburn, England, was this year’s overall winner with his photo entitled ‘Ouch!’ The winning shot was taken on a bridge that runs over the river Xun in the Longsheng Gorge in Yunnan, China, during a family holiday in 2016. Golden silk monkeys freely roam the area and are often found playing on the bridge, unfazed by human interaction. Ken managed to snap one particular male monkey while it sat on one of the supporting ropes with a look of sheer surprise on its face. It just goes to show, sometimes, timing really is everything.


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