A planet-friendly alternative to disposable cameras from Lens Fayre

Lens Fayre has just launched a planet-friendly, sustainable film camera that works just like a disposable. Aimed at anyone who is just getting into film photography or wants a less wasteful alternative to single-use cameras, the Snap LF-35M is easy to use, small to carry around and can be personalized for you.

The Snap LF-35M takes a standard 35mm roll of film, features a 28mm f/8 lens and has a built-in flash. It’s recommended to be used with ISO400 stock, but our guide on the best 35mm film will help you decide exactly which type to buy. It’s powered by a single AA battery that is inserted into the base of the camera, and it includes an eco-friendly replaceable sticker design that you can change to keep the camera looking fresh. 


Steve Liem

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