Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s Woodlands Location Becomes a Toddler

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Congratulations to Actual SEO Media’s Woodlands location for reaching one year.

Actual SEO Media, Inc.’s Woodlands location has experienced a fruitful year.

As the year winds down to a close, many celebrations are starting. Actual SEO Media, Inc. is also celebrating this month. The company has several locations open, spread throughout the Greater Houston area. Their Woodlands location, the most recent of the company’s expansion, is celebrating its first year anniversary.

Most companies drifted through the pandemic era, striving to maintain the minimum level to stay afloat in the turbulent economy. However, Actual SEO Media, Inc. not only managed to do so, but they also grew and expanded the size of their company during the pandemic. This growth included the opening of a new location in the Woodlands in November 2020.

Every location offers search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing services. Actual SEO Media, Inc. helps its clients all over the nation with developing content and optimizing their websites to suit the ever-changing regulations set by Google’s algorithm. With an office in the Woodlands, they were able to expand their physical area of service, allowing for better and faster service for distant clients.

After a year in the Woodlands, that location has become an integral part of that area’s service. “We’ve always strived to help our clients expand their online presence,” Benjamin Thompson, the company’s CFO, said, “So we decided to expand our physical presence. And after a year in the Woodlands, we successfully expanded our own outreach to the area to uphold that promise.”

Although this location opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, it still experienced its successes by allowing the company’s Woodlands clients a more at-home experience. The Woodlands location allowed their clients in the area better accessibility to the company by serving as a closer focal point for communication and exchanges, even if it was mainly online. And as the pandemic wound down, it served as an optimal location for in-person meetings.

Moving forward, the Woodlands location strives to continue its quality service to the clients in the area. With a year under its belt, the location has added to the company’s collective experience, allowing Actual SEO Media, Inc. as a whole to mature further. Here’s to another great year for the Woodlands’ location.

As a leading SEO company in the greater area of Houston, Actual SEO Media, Inc. helps clients to expand their online presence. By using a variety of techniques, the company aims to maximize clients’ search engine optimization and widen their clients’ scope of recognition. For more information, contact the office at (713) 201 – 7666 or by email at: [email protected]

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