Adjuvare Launches Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring Combining AI Mobile Technology and Virtual Acute-Care Services

SAN ANTONIO & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AirStrip, the leader in innovative visualization technology for acute care clinicians, today announced the formation and integration of its platform with Adjuvare, Inc. The creation of the inter-operative and AI augmented Adjuvare platform will extend acute and semi-acute patient care from the hospital to the patient’s home with the establishing of the “NORAD” of Virtual Acute Care.

Adjuvare, funded by NantWorks, is built atop the AirStrip ONE® Intelligent Clinical Operating Environment, a virtual care inter-operable system that is already in use by more than 500 hospitals and embedded in existing solutions from strategic technology partners. The company’s mission is to revolutionize on-site and remote patient and therapeutic monitoring by enabling video and mobile based, real time continuum of acute care, from the hospital to the home. The company was founded by NantWorks founder and Chairman Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D., and is led by Alan Portela, AirStrip’s CEO.

The new platform solves the ongoing real-time monitoring challenges that arise in a Virtual Acute Care setting, starting with the hospital and following patients needing acute and semi-acute care into the home. Adjuvare combines AirStrip’s proven advanced virtual care technology and virtual acute care services in a single data-driven, patient-centric and clinical disease-oriented system, powered by AI enabled ECG monitoring. This addresses a range of technological, security, scale, and real-time monitoring challenges, using AI innovations from NantWorks combined with AirStrip’s comprehensive medical data interoperability, security, analytics, and mobile visualization and video consulting capabilities.

“We have had the privilege of collaborating with AirStrip’s healthcare provider customers, who taught us the lessons learned from the front lines during the pandemic,” said Portela. “That level of unprecedented collaboration, which was complemented by the NantWorks Machine Learning team, translated into the development of the most advanced AI-augmented Disease surveillance tools, virtual acute care clinical services and therapies. These are now going to be offered by Adjuvare and are expected to transform patient virtual care for decades to come.”

Adjuvare, supported by NantWorks, will be used for the creation of a Virtual Acute Care Remote Monitoring and Clinical Services division which will be augmented by partnering with a large group of Acute Care Physicians including ER doctors, hospitalists, specialists, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical extenders.

Adjuvare will also create a Human Signal Processing Division to continue its deep collaboration with top healthcare provider partners for the development of advanced Patient Waveform Analysis (AI/ML) designed for early detection and prediction of adverse clinical events. It also envisions establishing a high performance and cybersecure network infrastructure division to bring high velocity analytics and archiving of clinically relevant data in motion. This new model of Virtual Mission Control Surveillance will transform the cost of this patient group and drive better outcomes through real-time monitoring, timely access to specialist care and AI- augmented surveillance solutions.

“It has been a long-held dream to drive real-time cognition to the critical and chronic care model which drives the high cost of healthcare,” Soon-Shiong said. “Adjuvare, powered by the advanced wave form analytic tools of Airstrip combined with a secure network infrastructure, integrated with specialists who bring evidence based just-in time care and better outcomes, brings this dream to fruition.”

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AirStrip ONE® offers solutions that allow hundreds of health systems to unlock the full potential of their existing medical technology infrastructure investments with an interoperability platform that provides seamless access to clinical data and mobile actionable insights across the care continuum using remote access or web access granted by the health system. It features mobile diagnostic quality cardiac waveform viewing and sophisticated mobile fetal surveillance, providing clinicians with near-real-time contextual and clinically relevant data for situational awareness.

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