All That You Need to Know About the SAMSUNG ES71 Digital Camera – A Product Review

This is a short review about the Samsung ES71 Digital Camera. Cameras in general make ideal gifts, and this one is not very expensive, but is it worth the money?

The Samsung ES71 is a 12 pixel Digital, and is in the same price range as the Sony Cyber-shot DSCW510. It has been designed to be used by the enthusiastic amateur, who wants to take great pictures without the fuss of setting up a shot. The camera has some good features, which include a 5x wide-angle zoom, Smart Auto and Image Stabilization.

The wide- angle zoom, allows the user to take shots of groups of people, or wide landscapes. The 5x range has an excellent telephoto zoom for closing in on individual features, and so even a complete novice can take excellent panoramic scenes and capture minute details.

The digital Image Stabilization will eliminate any type of shake on the camera, which means that taking a picture of a fast-moving object, or zooming in on something can be achieved without blur.

As well as the above features, the Samsung has state of the art technology to optimize any picture automatically, giving the user the opportunity to concentrate on the subject.

This Camera really delivers, when taking pictures of people and has a special Face Detection Sensor for formulating the correct exposure time for up to nine faces in a picture; add to this automatic red-eye fix, a smile detection device which trips the shutter when a subject smiles, and we begin to see that for the money, there is a lot packed into this bottom of the range Samsung model.

The camera will take very vibrant colourful pictures in good light, but there does tend to be a dip in quality when you are shooting in anything other than a well lit environment. There seems to be a problem with the automatic light exposure function which cannot cope with anything that is less than perfectly lit. This could be a problem if you are thinking of taking a picture of something outside, in cloudy or semi dark conditions. Another annoyance with this camera is that Samsung have tried to economise on the length of the USB cable which is extremely short and can be very irritating when trying to connect it up to your computer.

The overall view of this camera is that it is value for money, and does take some excellent pictures, but does have some issues with exposure in less than ideal conditions. Overall mark out of Ten: a well deserved Seven.

Steve Liem

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