Best virtual tabletop software in 2022

You don’t necessarily need the best virtual tabletop software to have a good time playing Dungeons & Dragons or any other tabletop role-playing game out there. But it certainly helps. As a game master, I know how important it is to know which virtual tabletop works best for your group and for the type of game you’re playing. I’ve bounced around between several of them, so I can help you decide which is the best virtual tabletop software to use for your needs. If none of this is new to you, check out our larger DND Tips page for more advice on D&D 5e and other TTRPGs.

While D&D has had a wild surge in popularity in recent years thanks to shows like Critical Role, D&D is not the only TTRPG. There are plenty of popular and fun TTRPGs to play, like Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun and Blades in the Dark. A few TTRPGs I’m currently eyeing are The Witcher Role-Playing Game and the Altered Carbon Role Playing Game (I’m still grieving, Netflix).

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