Check out this Barbie branded Polaroid 600 from camera refurbisher Retrospekt!

Milwaukee-based camera refurbisher Retrospekt has just launched a Malibu Barbie-inspired camera. Since 2008, Retrospekt has breathed new life into old cameras, saving over 250,000 from ending up in landfill. This latest collaboration might not appeal to everyone but its nostalgic nod to Barbie’s unforgettable 70’s West Coast aesthetic makes it extra eye-catching. 

The Malibu Barbie Polaroid 600 collaboration comes just a month after Retrospekt launched a bright blue, Pepsi branded Polaroid. The Barbie pink and golden yellow camera oozes Californian sunshine vibes and what’s most exciting is it can be completely customized. Each camera comes with over 20 stickers that can be used to decorate it with cute hearts, dreamy palm trees, cool shades or even Barbie herself.

Steve Liem

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