DC Universe Online – Tips for PC Players

DC Universe Online – Tips for PC Players

You’ll find that DC Universe isn’t the most user-friendly game out there, at least at first. One of the best ways to see this is by going under your Keybinds option under the Game Menu. There are not many key functions that you’ll have to worry about. This could mean fewer keys to learn and memorize but it also means there’s not nearly as much control as most of you are used to.

What you will find, though, is the ability to change keys to ones you’d be more comfortable with and it won’t affect game play as much as other MMOs so that’s a saving grace. You’ll also find under the settings window a targeting tab. Players will want to try out Auto-lock and WASD Mode features. WASD Mode will disable the mouse movement and Auto-lock will allow players to automatically lock onto targets.

DC Universe Gives You Heroes and Villains

Since DC Universe allows players to copy a pre-existing Hero or Villain, you’ll want to take your time and check them all out. Playing one of each set to level 10 will give you a real feel for what you like and don’t like about each power set. Just because you like to play a healer in one game doesn’t mean you’ll want to play it in DC Universe. You’ll also want to check out the different mentors as you go along, since each one has different ways of dealing with situations and will effect what you do on missions.

There is more to DC Universe than your starting area and your mentor. Remember that just because you have Superman as your mentor doesn’t mean that you can’t go to Gotham and help Batman defeat some of his villains. When you get stuck on missions that are too hard, or just want a change of pace, remember to check out the other cities in the game as well. You’ll find that each city has its own unique set of enemies and one type might be more suited for you to kill than another.

DC Universe Online Gets You Flying

Flying is not the only way to get around! You’ll want to check out all of the different movement sets before you stick with one. Flying is great for when you need to get out of a tough spot since you can just activate your power and fly straight up, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most fun or effective for your character. Don’t forget as you level up you’ll also be given the chance to compete in sub-missions that involve your movement set. Use these missions to gain experience as well as get a better understanding of how to play with your movement set.

On top of movement sub-missions, don’t miss out on Joker’s fun house or the exploration quests which lead you around the city and help you to have a better feel of the surrounding areas. This will not only get you some experience but the missions will also help you to discover other missions that you may have otherwise missed. Use some of these tips to help you get a better feel for playing DC Universe and you’ll find you’re more comfortable with the game and ready to have loads of fun.

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