Discover the new era of video game commerce: crypto-gaming and transparent economics 

In-game economies have become an innovative way to trade products securely and transparently between players 

Video games are not only elements of entertainment but have also become a tool for trading virtual assets held by their players. This has opened the door to developing sustainable and transparent business models through an e-economy. For this reason, degrees such as TECH’s Professional Master’s Degree Crypto-Gaming and Blockchain Economics for Video Games broaden the knowledge of those computer scientists who wish to master the management of decentralized economic systems.

More and more people are interested in using or participating in video games that implement cryptocurrency economies. To this end, it is essential for developers to design fairer and more transparent trading systems, which ensures the consumer participates in the sale and purchase of digital products. This greatly enhances the player’s experience and encourages active participation within the game.

In that sense, TECH has developed the Master’s Degree in Crypto-Gaming and Blockchain Economics for Video Games, as an educational alternative for computer scientists who wish to grow and improve their skills in this area. In addition, it delves into the analysis of variables in gamified economies and the importance of these within the creation of a game of this kind.

Opportunities to generate income in video games  

This new business model offers great benefits to those who use it on a daily basis. One of the most notable is the creation of a more solid economy through the implementation of blockchain platforms. Thus, players can participate in in-game trading activities, such as selling virtual objects or obtaining digital rewards, which creates opportunities to earn and spend in the interactive environment.

Another great advantage is that these novel dynamics enable interoperability between different games and platforms. This means that virtual assets can be transferred between video games or between systems with different features, ensuring players greater flexibility and exchange options.

Additionally, Crypto-Gaming grants the possibility of generating real income to players. This is achieved by owning assets considered valuable within the video game, which can be sold in decentralized markets and obtain tangible economic gains.

Master in crypto-gaming and blockchain economics for video games 

As blockchain technology is becoming more widely adopted, new opportunities to merge the worlds of video games and cryptocurrencies have also developed. As such, this master’s degree offers a unique opportunity for those IT professionals who wish to specialize in mastering gamified economic systems.

This is because the degree has a complete curriculum that delves into the creation of decentralized finance ecosystems (DeFi). In addition, the particularities of the most popular electronic currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are addressed. Likewise, the academic itinerary explains in detail the dynamics of a blockchain video game.

This Master has a teaching staff composed of top professionals in the field of e-commerce in video games. In this way, the student will receive the most cutting-edge knowledge about the activities that take place in a blockchain economy. This is achieved through high quality multimedia resources that have been designed by the professors themselves.

TECH Technological University   

TECH is a multinational recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe. In addition, it has been awarded the Google Partner Premier in 2023, a highly important recognition delivered by the search engine.

Thanks to its great ability to offer degrees tailored to the academic and professional requirements of students from different backgrounds, TECH has become a leader in employability with 99% of its students entering excellent job opportunities in the first year after graduation from TECH, according to the consulting firm KPMG.

Additionally, TECH stands out as the only digital university licensed to use Relearning as a teaching methodology. This approach combines pedagogical rigor, academic demand and advanced educational technology, ensuring the acquisition of professional skills in each program.


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