Earn Money Today With Stock Photography

If you love photography or even if you don’t you could possibly have images either on your hard drive or in your camera which can make you a lot of money. You could possibly already have images worth between $100 and $3000. For this reason you should start selling your photos today. With this article I am going to explain how you can make money by selling your photos online.

Stock photography is simply a way of saying selling your images to the masses. All you have to do is upload your photo to a stock agency and every time someone visits or downloads your images you earn a commission. You may be thinking that you have to be a professional photographer, but you don’t. Sure expensive equipment such as DSLR cameras, studio lighting and backdrops will help, however a simple point and shoot compact camera is enough to do the job.

You would be surprised of the amount of people looking to purchase your images right now. You would also be surprised of the type of images that sell. When I first started I thought that I had to be truly unique and creative but then I quickly found out that my best selling images were pictures of everyday items such as fruit, money, a lamp, broken bottles, jewellery, a bar of soap and even a wooden spoon. The range of people looking to buy your images range from magazine editors, newspapers to online websites and because of this you can take an image of practically anything and chances are someone would be interested in purchasing it.

Stock agencies like Istockphoto, shutter stock and Getty all offer a service where you upload your images and each and every time someone downloads it you will receive the commission.

Steve Liem

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