Everything You Want to Know About Data Science!

There is a reason behind all the accolades that this course is earning from the leading universities and the corporate world. The reason is simple: this is the information age. The data holds a paramount importance in today’s life. Useful insights can be drawn from the data collected through online social media sites and call centers etc., However, not all data is useful and is referred to as dark data that is redundant in nature and can be ignored. It doesn’t provide any useful insight to the companies about clients.

Big Data, the term simply means a large amount of data existing in the system that holds importance and can make predictions about the future. The big data can be classified into three categories:

Descriptive Analytics:

It is describing the data the way it is. Charting out points according to the understanding and critical analysis of data. The discovery about the facts and figures is quoted as such and the analysis takes place at the level of information collected.

Predictive Analytics:

This form of analysis takes place due to the insights discovered and decisions are taken on the basis of it for some or the other sort of project. This information becomes the guiding force to turn beneficial and crucial in the whole process about the target market. Having past data and reflecting upon it with the help of mathematical tools and statistical tools gives an edge in predicting things.

Prescriptive Analytics:

Such analysis is done when there are some things that require change. It undertakes and analyses a number of options and then determines the best route for the project to be undertaken. This type of analysis suits the companies that want to be cost effective in their functioning and stay positive about the results of the project.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning also has prime importance in data science. Without this, it is of no use. It is the prerequisite that enables a project to be carried out successfully. A number of languages are being taught during data science like Hadoop, Python and others. Machine learning enables the applications like Siri to provide better results to the person asking for things as they are made to identify patterns. It is this machine learning working in the background. The more accurate it is, the better will be the results.

Things like Data Science is something that is evolving in nature. With the upcoming concept of IoT, things have become different. The application of data science has become even more important because this knowledge gets absorbed by the normal life electronic gadgets used by people. Recording the number of steps that a person travelled in a day on a watch to analyzing the health of an individual on the basis of the record of a month’s data is all that the data science is making possible. Things are changing fast in this world and structured data is given importance. Surely, this field is never going to get redundant in the days to come.

Steve Liem

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