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What is SMO?

SMO (Social Media Optimization), helps in augmenting the fame and status of websites via medias like online communities. As one knows that in viral marketing, the popularity is increased through word of mouth. Similarly, websites gain recognition via social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc.

What are SMO services?

• SMO directs large number of internet users to a particular website for free or less cost than SEO services.

• SMO will put the client’s website link on the social networking sites and the users can click on the same while browsing the social sites.

• SMO Services are the latest in terms of promotional activities and advertising areas.

• Help in making links from blogs, forums, comments etc.

• Optimum bookmarks, tags and notes on client’s website for easy retrieval of information.

• Designing contents in such a way that eases sharing of files among many users which in turn increases positioning of websites in the eyes of the internet users.

• Focus on bringing new social media marketing campaigns into effect and improving existing SMO services so client’s website is second to none.

• Linking useful and conducive applications of GOOGLE,YAHOO etc. to the client’s website in order to serve the users.

• Inclusion of social news tabs that will keep users abreast of latest happenings around the world.

• RSS feeds being used so to publish the latest news, audio, video etc. in a standardized format which in turn includes publishing dates and the owner of the content.

• Search for target audiences that will serve client’s goals,target and budget and find ways in order to reach the audiences and deliver them according to their requirements

What is the other name of SMO?

Called Web 2.0 marketing.

Requirements for SMO:
• Need to have a registration with the social site on which link of client’s website can be posted so to increase the traffic to the site.
• Optimized and rapid linking from networking site to client’s site.
• Space for sharing reviews on the usage or tour of client’s website in order to propagate the same.

Pros of SMO:
• Provide traffic to the website of client which will increase the profitability of client and hence the ranking of the site.
• Less cost of services.
• Reserve space in the online market.
• Creation of image in the eyes of the beholder.

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