How Movinnza is helping businesses leverage their online presence via extensive SEO services

An entrepreneurial journey is rife with challenges, risks and surprises. Starting a business can be a daunting task. Yet there are many who push against all odds, taking on whatever hurdles come their way, only to turn their dreams into reality. Movinnza’s story begins just at that – with a dream.

Shailendra Kadulkar always knew he wanted to be a businessman. It wasn’t a dream that his family shared, but he knew he was meant to start something that he could call his own.

Beginning of a brand

“I always wanted to own a business. But my family, who have all held jobs, never thought of entering the business world. So, initially I worked across IT companies for 12 years,” says Shailendra.

It was while working as a web developer when he noticed a lot of work coming around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). During the same time, he observed how major brands were losing traffic due to the absence of an SEO-friendly website. “I thought we could have all these facilities and plans before doing code, which can help customers save development costs and gain good organic traffic,” Shailendra says. So, he learnt the tricks of the SEO trade and started freelancing. “I did one project, where the website appeared on the top of Google’s search results. The client’s happiness inspired me to start my own business to bring many more websites on top through SEO,” recalls the founder.

And thus, Movinnza was born in 2016 with an aim to assist businesses of all scales establish a strong digital presence through organic SEO services and personalised web development.

Moving ahead with a .in extension

Today, the Pune-based company is well versed in assorted niches that encircle web-related services like website development, website designing, mobile application development, and website redesigning. “In addition, we also offer digital marketing services that include SEO alongside CMS, logo designing and e-commerce service,” Shailendra explains.

As a digital-first company, Movinnza already had a website right from the start to attract the desired customers. Explaining the decision to go for a .in domain, Shailendra says, “In India, many businesses are growing and need IT support, so our motive was to target Indian customers who are looking for quality web development services in India. That’s why we decided to go with a .in extension.”

The team noticed that 97 percent of customers go online to search for local businesses, and special domain names get more attention in Google. Shailendra feels that having the .in domain adds to a brand’s visibility, credibility and reputation. It also helps small businesses reach out to bigger clients.

Like Movinnza, various companies across sectors have opted for the .in domain name. The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) has helped various businesses across sectors easily get access to a .in or .Bharat domain. Companies can choose between 22 languages for a domain name after opting for .in and .Bharat.

Rising above challenges

Despite entering a lucrative market, one of the biggest challenges for Movinnza was demonetization. “Demonetization affected a lot of e-commerce companies and we had been working with a lot of e-commerce websites. But people stopped investing and creating new projects,” Shailendra says.

They overcame those obstacles by focusing on their website and working on making it the top search in select cities. That worked and business was back on track again.

Another recent setback were the first few months of the pandemic. Some of their travel partners had to stop the SEO work the team was doing for them, as they were not able to function. But Movinnza managed to stay afloat due to their older clients, who emerged as saviours. Within five to six months, people started working with them again.

Movinnza’s 12-member team is constantly working across fields to help customers optimise search and help them make the most of their websites. From IT companies, NGOs, graphic designing companies and even premium pet houses, the brand has touched various firms. Speaking of the Movinnza effect, Shailendra reveals their success story with a customer, saying, “The company would get 600 traffic, but after working with them for three months, where we built their entire website with a proper content approach, they got 15,000 traffic with 300-400 leads per day.”

Movinnza’s .in domain constantly helps them generate new business leads. He says, “If you search for SEO companies in Pune, we are in the top five.”

In the future, Shailendra aims to help many more businesses ride the digital wave through SEO and custom web development. To achieve that, the company will continue moving forward, just like its name, Movinnza.

The Shaping India Inc’s Online Growth series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat domain powered their success stories.

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