How Much Would A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost?


The bell curve in statistics is the subject of Six Sigma, which was developed by Motorola in the 1980s and adopted by General Electric in the 1990s. “Sigma” refers to one standardized standard deviation from the mean or the highest portion of the distribution curve. Overview of lean six sigma green belt certification cost.

Whereas Six Sigma was created to uncover process variations or irregularities, such as mechanical equipment damage that impacts product quality, users discovered that the approach could also improve areas such as profitability.

For example, statistics on the number of system outages or faults in a newscast can be collected by certifications holders. Other Six Sigma initiatives may involve lowering transportation expenses, reducing consumer complaints, or fixing payroll errors. That is why the lean six sigma green belt certification cost is this much.

“Lean Six Sigma theories and techniques can be suggested to increase business ways to serve customer needs successfully, recognize an issue affecting employee morale, or reduce the cost,” says Mike Ungar, an executive offensive coordinator with business assistant coach provider FocalPoint and former competency manager for the progress profession at Michelin.

Certification in Lean Six Sigma

The Six Sigma and Lightweight techniques are combined in Lean Six Sigma. According to Ungar, traditional Six Sigma asks black belt engineers to utilize statistics to solve process problems. On the other side, the Lean concept stresses collaboration to identify solutions to decrease waste in a specific process.

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma are used interchangeably by some certification bodies . Others may offer different Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certification paths.

For example, the Organization for Six Sigma Certification suggests Six Sigma training for “most personnel” and Lean Six Sigma programming for military and government professionals.

If you decide between Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, look into the course material to see which is right for you.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma qualification is separated into six levels, each reflecting a professional’s abilities, experience, understanding of Six Sigma concepts, and project role. The levels correlate to martial arts belts, beginning with white and progressing to master certification. There are no qualifications except the master black belt, so you may begin at whatever level seems most appropriate for your background. The Six lean Sigma green belt is for experts responsible for developing, identifying, and continually improving. They understand the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC, and they may manage teams on smaller projects or help black belt leadership.

Lean Sigma Green belt programs may maintain quality improvement initiatives such as mistake prevention, waste reduction, and data collection and analysis. They might devote between 25% and 50% of their time to Six Sigma initiatives.

This level of certification, which can take two to five weeks to complete and includes a test, maybe a suitable fit for midlevel managers or professionals working in quality assurance, Custom app development, budget reporting, structural or mechanical engineering, or government healthcare government.

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