How to Build a Satellite-Powered, Raspberry Pi Security Camera for Off-the-Grid Locations

A friend of mine recently had a break in at his cabin up north. He wanted to know if I had any recommendations on technology that could let him keep an eye on things from far away. The only challenge is his cabin is relatively remote, and cell service or internet isn’t available in the area. With that in mind, I wanted to design a solution that would keep an eye on things using a Raspberry Pi, a bit of edge computing, and a satellite connection.

For this project I’m using the Swarm satellite constellation; it’s a low cost solution for providing satellite connectivity for internet-of-things devices in remote locations. Where one solution would be to livestream images from a camera using a high-bandwidth connection for off-site processing, this project does on-site processing (edge computing) instead sending only the results, letting us keep this project running for a long time at the low cost of $5 a month. Here’s how to build a remote cabin monitoring and alerting system with a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and the Swarm Eval Kit. 

What You’ll Need For This Project

How To Build A Remote Cabin Monitoring System with a Raspberry Pi

Steve Liem

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