How to Get Link Building and Brand Building Together

Link Building and brand building; what do they have in common? What ties them together particularly online? Can you build a brand without linking? Can a brand become popular online without any proper link building campaign set up for it? How can a brand become a household name online?

For many people, brand building is synonymous with becoming the number one go-to resource, the first solution provider people think about, the first name on everyone’s lips when they want something related to what the brand provides. This is so true and any company that wants to truly become that popular has to take its marketing campaign online.

There are many ways via which you can build a brand online. Some of them include media buys, buying pay per click ads, paying for ads in video networks, but none is as effective as linking. This is because link building is synonymous with higher search engine rankings and visibility. Link building is important and very effective because

1. It is Far Cheaper than Most Media Buys

If you were to dabble into media buys which by the way is a short term advertising medium, it would cost you no less than $300,000 if you want your brand to become noticeable online. Now, if you spent just a fraction of that on one way linking, you would be so shocked at the results. This is not discredit media buys and PPCs as they are important in driving short term traffic. Linking campaigns can be quite the cost saver and will definitely increase your rankings

2. Link Building is Permanent, Longer Lasting, and Extensive

As against other forms of advertising, a successful linking campaign guarantees permanence -although that’s a bit unpredictable- on the search engines as long as it is updated once in a while and new one-way links are consistently pointing to the website, more backlinks are built and when necessary, a bit of reciprocal linking is done.

Unlike other temporary branding methods too, when a website becomes a household name, it gets ranked in the top ten positions for nearly every related keyword. Take a look at, and to understand what this means. If you enter any keywords related to what has been discussed on any of these websites, you will consistently find them in the top 10 position.

To carry out a successful merger or to use one way link building in helping to build the brand, inexperienced hands cannot successfully do it. It has to be done by experts in the field. You can hire a professional link building firm.

As much as possible, avoid all link building services that make claims of establishing your brand within a very short period. As you well, know this is not possible. A brand takes a while to build particularly online, but when it picks up, it goes viral and is literally unstoppable. Doubt it? Take a look at both Twitter and Facebook.

Steve Liem

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