Indianapolis SEO Company Celebrates 13th Year In Business

Encinitas, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Indianapolis based Local Blitz is pleased to announce that they are celebrating their 13th year in business. The agency has been providing quality search engine optimization (SEO) services for over a decade, and their team hopes to continue to build on and grow their reputation for decades to come. Located in the Broad Ripple neighborhood, Co-Founder Nick Bennett heads up the Indianapolis office, which helps clients with a wide variety of Digital Marketing solutions that include SEO, Local SEO, Online Advertising, Email Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization.

“As an Indianapolis SEO company, we are proud to call the circle city home,” says Local Blitz. “Whether you are a small independent business or a large organization, we have worked with clients of all sizes and many different business niches to get the SEO results that they are looking for. Search marketing and advertising is a moving target, which is why we focus on specific goals with our clients to ensure that we are all rowing in the same direction from the start of every campaign. We have established and grown our SEO agency simply because we have focused on pinning down KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with our clients and then putting together an SEO strategy that will move the needle for them.”

Getting results for clients is considered priority number one for SEO experts like Local Blitz, and the company’s dedicated SEO team works tirelessly to produce systems that do exactly this. They are constantly looking to learn new things about SEO and online marketing in order to provide their clients with up-to-date strategies that are tailor made to meet their individual needs rather than providing cookie cutter solutions to everyone.

Local Blitz has been in the industry since 2009, and in all that time they have maintained focus on being fully transparent with their clients and community. They know almost everything there is to know about SEO and online marketing while many clients may be totally unfamiliar with the concept — and this is why Local Blitz makes it a point to educate their clients wherever the opportunity arises. By remaining totally transparent and keeping clients updated throughout the process, Local Blitz ensures that they are fully aware of everything that is happening with their business. As a result, they are better equipped to make decisions regarding future strategies.

The SEO company makes use of a unique but effective SEO process that follows four key steps; discovery, strategy & communication, project launch and implementation. The discovery phase is where the foundations of the rest of the project are set. Local Blitz says, “This phase is generally our first point of contact with a new client where we learn about what the SEO need actually looks like. Over the years we have worked in markets in 15+ US states and 4+ different countries, with this in mind, being an Indianapolis based SEO service provider gives us the unique advantage to apply our knowledge of the Indy market directly to your search marketing and advertising campaigns, but our experience in other markets allows for scalability and effective implementation of larger scale campaigns. All these and many other considerations are what is uncovered during the SEO Discovery Phase. We know that every business is different which is why we seek to gain a deep understanding of every unique need from the first interaction.”

The next step is strategy and communication where the Local Blitz team puts together a proposal for the client so they know how their SEO strategy might look. Following this is the implementation phase where, after the strategy has been finalized, the SEO plan is put into action. The third stage, project kickoff, is where Local Blitz explains to the client what to expect in the coming months. It serves as a way to get them on the same page regarding their SEO strategy. At Local Blitz, they believe a true SEO campaign is fluid in nature, so the final reporting and review phase has the team monitoring every SEO campaign closely to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

For more information on the top SEO company in Indianapolis, visit Local Blitz’s website. Simon White of Local Blitz can be reached for additional details as well.


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