Infographic: 8 Social media marketing trends to watch in 2022

Will more brand managers follow the lead of Lush Cosmetics in ditching social media? For most, there’s no realistic alternative for reaching digital audiences.

Social channels remain one of the top tools for external communicators, with many companies expanding their social teams and looking to advance their social strategy. And as any good PR pro knows, getting ahead requires lots of preparation.

This infographic from Red Website Design predicts some of the most popular trends in social media marketing moving into the new year.

The list of top eight trends includes:

  • The emergence of social media as a shopping platform
  • More short-form video content, à la TikTok’s sub-three-minute videos
  • Companies making the foray into augmented reality
  • More user-generated content

For the full list of the top eight social media marketing trends for 2022 and beyond, read the full infographic here.


One Response to “Infographic: 8 Social media marketing trends to watch in 2022”

    Ronald N Levy says:

    The enumerated trends are on success in communicating, and another important trend may be on WHAT is communicated.

    A we get closer to the 2022 election, which may have a HUGE effect on the revenue and earnings of top companies, WHAT is communicated may increasingly be aimed at increasing public support for three realities:

    .1. “TAX THE RICH” efforts could cause top companies to move the headquarters or plants to states and areas where there’s no discrimination against wealthy employers. It’s common sense that companies go where they are appreciated and given an equal break.

    .2. BREAK UP THE BIG COMPANIES proposals, to make it easier for smaller companies to compete, could result in the same bad-for-the-public consequences as would breaking up top universities and hospitals to make it easier for smaller ones to compete. The biggest firms got to that size not by someone marrying well but by a company doing a better job than others, charging less or both.

    .3. HELP WANTED. Politicians promising seemingly free money have paid so many billions in unemployment compensation, stimulus money, and payment of thousands to parents of many children—the more children, the more thousands —small businesses and big businesses alike are short of people, employers are paying more and passing along the costs to the public in the form of higher prices, and people who take good jobs with good companies now will have an advantage when the “free money” stops because the public is getting wise to the reality that “give away” programs give not the money of politicians but the money of the public!

    It works out in the end when the public is well informed. Online communications can help make this happen—and help make the careers of effective communicators soar.

Infographic: 8 Social media marketing trends to watch in 2022

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