Iran plans to become a leading country in AI

TEHRAN – Iran will be placed among the top 10 countries in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2032 based on the national document on artificial intelligence strategy, Shahram Moein, head of innovation and development center of artificial intelligence at the Research Institute of Information and Communication Technology, said.

The study of the national artificial intelligence development roadmap started a year ago at the Research Institute of Information and Communication Technology, which was officially completed by the end of November 2021.

“To draft this document, strategic documents of 23 countries in the field of artificial intelligence were evaluated so that areas such as environment, health, transportation, online education, energy, robotics, industry, agriculture, and security development are among the priority areas of AI.

Among the goals of this document are 80 percent of research to meet the needs of the country, use of 45 percent of artificial intelligence in industries, $8 billion investment in artificial intelligence and a 12 percent share of AI in the GDP,” he explained.

Stating that this document contains 14 macro policies, he said that supporting the AI products, laying the groundwork for the development of this technology, strengthening companies active in this field, and using artificial intelligence in solving super challenges are among these macro policies.

In total, this document contains 47 micro-policies, 39 general actions, and 155 projects and activities, he added.

Iran’s progress in artificial intelligence

Iran is in 13th place among the top countries in artificial intelligence by the total number of publications in 2021, according to the Nature Index database.

The SCImago ranking database at the University of Granada, Spain, ranks countries and universities based on the number of scholarly articles from higher education institutions in the Scopus database. This ranking uses three indicators of research, innovation, and society in combination.

In the 2020 version of SCImago, the subject of artificial intelligence is a subcategory of computer science, which ranks Iran as 15th in the world and first in West Asia.

Also, in cognitive sciences as a subset of psychology, which is one of the disciplines related to artificial intelligence, Iran ranks 36th in the world and third in West Asia.

In electrical and electronic engineering, which has a part of artificial intelligence, Iran is ranked 15th in the world and first in West Asia.


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