Iran ranks 13th worldwide in artificial intelligence

TEHRAN – Iran is in 13th place among the top countries in artificial intelligence by the total number of publications, according to the Nature Index database.

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliations and institutional relationships. The index tracks contributions to research articles published in 82 high-quality natural science journals, chosen by an independent group of researchers.

The Nature Index provides absolute and fractional counts of article publication at the institutional and national level and, as such, is an indicator of global high-quality research output and collaboration. The database is compiled by Nature Research.

The 2020 version of SCImago ranks Iran as 15th in the world and first in West Asia in the field of artificial intelligence. In the field of Nature Intelligence 2020, this database lists the top 100 institutions, 25 growing institutions, top 25 countries/territories in artificial intelligence, top 100 academic institutions, top 10 health care institutions, top 10 NPOs/NGOs, top 10 governmental institutions, top 5 companies, top 100 research organizations, 25 growing research organizations, and top 25 countries in artificial intelligence.

In the table of top 25 countries/territories in artificial intelligence (dimensional data), which is ranked based on the total number of publications from 2015 to 2019, the first place belongs to China with 318,534 scientific publications and 13th rank belongs to Iran with 30,221 scientific publications.

Also in the table of top research organizations in the field of artificial intelligence (dimensional data), the University of Tehran is ranked 59 among the top 100 institutions.

Iranian universities in artificial intelligence

The SCImago ranking database at the University of Granada, Spain, ranks countries and universities based on the number of scholarly articles from higher education institutions in the Scopus database. This ranking uses three indicators of research, innovation, and society in combination.

In the 2020 version of SCImago, the subject of artificial intelligence is a subcategory of computer science, which ranks Iran as 15th in the world and first in West Asia.

Also, in cognitive sciences as a subset of psychology, which is one of the disciplines related to artificial intelligence, Iran ranks 36th in the world and third in West Asia.

In electrical and electronic engineering, which has a part of artificial intelligence, Iran is ranked 15th in the world and first in West Asia.

Another of the most important global rankings that can show the position of Iranian universities in computer science, artificial intelligence, software, and robotics is the global ranking of computer science or Computer Science Rankings (CSRankings). In this ranking, researchers’ articles are displayed with their Google Scholar profiles.

In fact, CSRankings is a measurement-based ranking of the top computer science institutes around the world. This ranking categorizes universities in different regions of the world and shows only the top 50 universities in the whole world. This ranking examines the metrics of each university between 2011 and 2021.

Sharif University of Technology, IPM Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, and Iran University of Science and Technology were placed among the top 100 institutions in Asia, according to the CSRankings.


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