Is Canon developing a Komodo killer? New patent for Red-style camera found

News struck the Canon Rumors website recently that Canon might be making a box-style camera to compete with Red Digital Cinema’s popular Komodo system. And now it appears that there might be some fire with this smoke, as YM.Cinema reports that it is now confirmed with a United States patent application. 

Application number 20210232024, published on July 29 last year, clearly shows Canon have files designs for a high-end compact cinema camera that is capable of shooting high resolution, is equipped with a large sensor and could have built-in internal ND filters, rumors suggest this could be the EOS C5 that has been rumored, however there is nothing to back that claim, other than this looks somewhat similar to Red’s very popular cine camera, the Red Komodo. 

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Canon Cinema Box-style camera mockup

(Image credit: Canon)
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Canon cine box-style camera mockup

(Image credit: Canon)
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Canon Box-style camera

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Canon box-style cine camera mockup

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