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Less than 5 minutes to go until Leica’s “What Makes a Legend” event officially starts where are are going to hear about the latest developments from the company and its latest camera, the Leica M11

The Leica M11 in black is now available to from the Leica UK Store for a price of £7,500 however, there seems to be a few technical issue with the livestream, hopefully this will be fixed soon and we will be able to give you more details   

Leica M11

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While information about the Leica M11 is now official it seems the announced livestream as taken a step back due to technical issues however, The Leica M11 is now available to pre-order at:


Leica M11 (Silver Chrome): $8995

Leica M11 (Black): $8,995  


Leica M11 (Silver Chrome): $8995

Leica M11 (Black): $8,995

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, says

“the iconic Leica M-System has accompanied dedicated photographers worldwide over decades, giving them a superior tool for witnessing their time and creating outstanding pictures. The new M11 will continue this legacy with outstanding technology, based on the experience since 1925.”

“We are very proud of the new M11,” says Stefan Daniel, Executive Vice President Technology and Operations. 

“This camera is another milestone for Leica. Its inner workings are a completely new development, while the exterior remains true to the iconic Leica M design.”

Leica M11

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Mark Shipard is now discussing the new design of the Leica M11

At the heart of the new Leica M11 is a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with Triple Resolution Technology. Raw image files in DNG format and JPEGs can be recorded at 60, 36 or 18 megapixels, always using the full sensor area. 

The 60-megapixel option delivers unprecedented image quality and detail resolution, exploiting the full optical potential of Leica’s latest APO Lenses for the M-System – whereas the lower resolutions enable faster camera performance, extended burst lengths, and smaller files.

While maintaining the iconic look of a traditional Leica M, the carefully optimized design of the Leica M11 is focused on efficiency and ergonomics. The controls have been arranged in a unique layout around the new, 2.3 million pixels, high-resolution touchscreen. The menu structure of the M11 remains consistent with that of the Leica SL2 and Q2, unifying the acclaimed interface for a more user-friendly experience.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar is now being shown in the “clean up room” at Wetzlar discussing the black-finish variant of the Leica M11 featuring a top plate made of high-quality aluminium with an especially scratch-resistant coating, resulting in a body that is approximately 20% (100 grams) lighter than its silver-chrome counterpart. 

By comparison, the silver-chrome M11 features a classic brass top plate and weighs in at 640 grams.

Leica M11 has over 40 improvements compared the previous generation M10, interestingly there is no mention of the M10-R

Leica M11

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Featuring an exclusive triple resolution sensor, expanded ISO range, dual memory, extended battery life and a streamlined and intuitive menu system, the Leica M11 represents a new benchmark in digital photography and the most flexible M-System camera in Leica’s storied history. At the heart of the new Leica M11 is a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with Triple Resolution Technology. Raw image files in DNG format and JPEGs can be recorded at 60, 36 or 18 megapixels, always using the full sensor area.

Florian Thumer, Project Manager of the Leica M11 is now talking with Marlen Badelt, Team Lead of Image Quality – they say there was a working prototype of the M11 one year ago however, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic work was significantly reduced due to working from home and supply shortages.  

Marlen Badelt, Team Lead of Image Quality continues to speak regarding the M11’s custom built Image board that was produced and tested in-house at Weltzer and used the Maestro III processor, which they adapted to fit the M11.

Stefan Daniel, Executive Vice President Technology and Operations is now in front of production line for the M11, Discussing quality German engineering and structure within the production process so everything fit’s into place.

On discussing with one of the production workers they say they enjoy working on the M11 and bringing it to like for photographer to get the best enjoyment possible out of the camera.

Stefan Daniel, Executive Vice President Technology and Operations now hands over to Jesko Von Oeynhausen, Global Director of Photo Product Division.

“we are now entering 5th generation of digital Leica M cameras, with each model we have used latest technologies to come closer to the iconic idea of a classic Leica M camera and have also broken ground in digital photography with the Leica M11” 

Leica M11

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It is confirmed that Leica received an extremely high volume of traffic for the M11 livestream that caused technically difficulties. 

Jesko is now taking a deep dive into the new Leica M11:

“At the heart of every M camera is the legendary rangefinder, and full compatibility with Leica M lenses from the last 67 years”.

“For the first time we now also offer the possibility to quickly change additional settings via three freely assignable function keys, once button for the index finder [located on the top plate, to the right of the shutter button], a click of a thumbwheel and the function key on the rear touchscreen”

The inner working of the Leica M11 implements as many Leica customers’ wishes as possible and the use of new core components required a completely new layout of the image electronics to gain maximum performance in this compact camera body, with its now 60 megapixels, offering even more detail to further exploit sharpness of the Leica M lenses.

Leica M11

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Thanks to BSI technology, with wide dynamic range of its base ISO of 65, but also at higher speeds. For the first time photographers are free to choose whether they want to shoot there images in 60, 36 or 18 megapixels whilst utilizing the full frame of the sensor and without having to crop like within the Q2 for example.

The unique dual layer filter technology of the sensor cover glass enables high image sharpness across the entire image, captures true-to-life colors and reflection-free images that cannot be achieved with any other image sensor using the compact Leica M lenses.

Jesko explains that due to the adaptation of the Maestro II processor to the Leica M11, images can be saved at high speed, even in full resolution. Optionally, on an SD card, alternatively or in parallel with the built-in 64GB of memory.

Furthermore, due to this new image sensor, exposure metering can now be seen in the rangefinder, enabling image analysis before the a shot is taken. This will result in automatically well-balanced exposures, even in difficult lighting conditions. 

A new battery has also been developed for the M11that offers 64% more capacity, which translates to significantly more images to be taken per charge.

The new USB-C interface can be used to charge the battery whilst within the M11 and to transfer imagery to your Mac or PC, and with the new Leica FOTOS cable now offers a new direct communication with the Leica Fotos app, the M11 is also a certified accessory made for iPhone and iPad, equipped with advanced connectivity abilities for wireless and wired uploads.

With these improvements of fundamental workflows for a modern age the Leica M11 offers flexible photography experience and share their vision with the world.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar is now discussing the M11 and how it is suited to the Leica Hall of Fame and how it can be utilized be photographer who have used the M system for years or those who are new to it. Such as Ralph Gibson and Goncalo Fonseca.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann has thanked Ralph and Goncalo for their efforts and help and now, customers, friends, photographers worldwide, its our turn. 

Dr Kaufmann engorges you to take a look at the new milestone for Leica, the new Leica M11

That concludes the Keynote from Leica about the M11.

For those still wanting to find out more about the new Leica M11 can view are handy news story or sit can and enjoy this Leica Talk with Stefan Daniel and Andrea Pacella that discuss the Leica M11’s design, technology and possibilities.

Leica M11

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Not mentioned in the official keynote was the new Leica Visoflex 2 or official accessories for the new Leica M11 

 So we have detailed some information below for you:

The new Visoflex 2 electronic viewfinder features 3.7-megapixel resolution to provide outstanding image control in Live View mode. Encased in a metal exterior, the Visoflex  2 perfectly matches the M11 in terms of design and functionality. Full-frame viewing and the  precise focusing of Leica lenses is supported by the Visoflex 2’s large diopter adjustment range  of -4 to +3 and 90 degree tilt function. 

To improve ergonomics without obstructing access to  the battery and SD card, photographers will have the option to complement their M11 with a  newly designed handgrip. The new handgrip doubles as a tripod mount, where the Leica M11  can be attached to Arca-Swiss-standard tripod heads without the need for any additional  equipment.  

This can now be pre-ordered at the following:

Pre-order the Leica Visoflex 2 at B&H (US): $740

pre-order the Leica Visoflex 2 at Adorama (US): $740

Pre-order the Leica Visoflex 2 at Park Cameras (UK): £600

Pre-order the Leica Visoflex 2 at Wex (UK): £600

Leica M11 Handgrip

(Image credit: B&H)

Dedicated to the Leica M11 camera, this Handgrip attaches to the camera via its tripod mount and the large right-hand grip improves stability and comfort while shooting. 

The grip’s design has an integrated Arca-style dovetail for direct attachment to tripod heads without the need for a quick release plate and the grip also maintains unrestricted access to the battery and memory card slot and USB type-C port while attached.

Pre-order at B&H (US): $430

Pre-order at Adorama (US): $430

Pre-order at Park Cameras (UK): £325

Pre-order at Wex (UK): £325

Leica M11

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Dedicated to the Leica M11 rangefinder camera, this Protector Case has a fitted design to protect the camera from bumps and scratches while maintaining access to the camera controls, battery/memory card slot, and USB type-C port for shooting while the case is installed. Made from naturally tanned leather, this case adds a stylish accent to the sleek and minimal camera design.

Available to pre-order in Black, Cognac and Olive Green colorways:


BlackCognac  – Olive Green (US)


BlackCognacOlive Green (US)

Park Cameras:

BlackCognacOlive Green (UK)


BlackCognacOlive Green (UK)

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