Making an Artificial Intelligent Unmanned Unicycle

Is it achievable to develop an unmanned artificial intelligence unicycle? We know it is difficult for the human currently being with out exercise to experience a unicycle, mainly because it usually takes balance and coordination. Creating an artificial intelligent unmanned unicycle will not been simple chore and proper now even the leading robotics experts and the major scientists have only still built a bike which can travel itself without the need of slipping above. And even that is problematic as it to falls above after in a when.

Now then I suggest to make an artificially intelligent unmanned unicycle which has weights which transfer all over to keep it upright at all instances without the need of the rider on it. How so you inquire? Very well I suggest using the same program, which is in the Segway Scooter which retains the scooter from falling forwards or backwards and dumping the standup rider.

Following I propose a motor on the stem higher than the wheel that is related to this device, which stops and moves the wheel to continue to keep it from falling backwards or forwards. Now then, I suggest one thing that appears to be like a captain’s wheel on an old wooden ship be placed on the stem that sales opportunities to the seat exactly where no rider will sit.

Furthermore this wheel I suggest to be created out of aluminum and hollow with weights inside of. With the computer technique attached to a degree, which reveals that the unicycle is falling in any route other than forwards in backwards it will initiate a pounds to move to the reverse aspect from which the unicycle is falling.

I am pretty specific we can construct an artificial intelligent unmanned unicycle. Now you may talk to why? And lots of persons request why folks climb mountains and why they build kites and why human beings even exist. I say why not? Would you like to argue that logic with me these days? Take into account all this in 2006.

Steve Liem

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