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In the post-pandemic world, when more and more companies are shifting to the digital marketplace, SEO has become more relevant than ever. A strong SEO strategy is the most viable way through which online businesses can improve the quality and quantity of their web traffic, that too organically for the longer term. While so many businesses are competing for the top spots, it may prove to be quite troublesome to acquire a higher ranking in the SERPs, especially for small and new businesses.

The young and dynamic entrepreneur Jagdish Prajapat initially started his journey working with other agencies before getting into his own SEO venture. However, following his knack for SEO and marketing, he decided to establish his own name in the market and launched Technetizen IT Services. In his chase of becoming a recognizable name in the industry, he has now spent over 3 years working as a full-time SEO Consultant. With his 7+ years of experience with core SEO, he is dedicated to supporting the business’s growth in terms of both productivity and revenue generation.

Passionate about helping businesses grow and painstaking attention to detail has enabled Jagdish to establish himself from the ground up. Owing to the experience of over 7 years in Core SEO, Jagdish has helped several businesses flourish. He is a Udaipur-based SEO Expert, who founded “Technetizens IT Services” to deliver top-notch SEO solutions to the multiple organizations struggling to find a healthy organic reach on search engines.

Riding on his passion for SEO and attention to detail, he has helped many brands to obtain the top position for several highly competitive keywords. As a result of his dedication, hard work, and passion, he has become the No. #1 SEO consultant in India within a few years of entering the market. Be it enterprise-level clients, B2B SaaS-based products, Reputation Management, or eCommerce-based clients, Jagdish’s expertise and industry knowledge have allowed him to excel in all the major SEO segments. He even treats SEO as a work of art and leaves no stones unturned to make it perfect.

Talking about his SEO venture, Jagdish says, “When I started my journey as a full-time SEO consultant, I was quite intimidated by the thought of making a living out of this career. But my parents have always told me not to be afraid of what the future beholds. So, I just followed my passion and put all of my hard work to perfect my SEO skills. Today, when I successfully rank brands and help them grow, I see all of my struggles and hustles paying off and it is really satisfying.”

What makes Jagdish Prajapat and his SEO solutions stand out is his result-oriented SEO execution plans as well as the result forecasting model. As a world-class SEO expert, his SEO strategies remain focused on quality traffic instead of the quantity of traffic. His novel approach has enabled him to expand his client base beyond India and to countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and New Zealand. As a matter of fact, his clientele includes reputed market players like WinZO, Mangalam Organics Limited, NSEIT, Allevents, Try Solvio, and lots of Upekkha Backed SaaS-based clients – Garageplug, Bynry, Orgzit, Possible Works, Sales Simplify, etc.

His commendable SEO services have already made him a trustworthy name in the industry and allowed him to generate a whopping revenue of ₹1 Cr within two years of entering the industry with a bang. He is currently focused on developing SaaS-based tools to solve SEO forecasting problems and ROI-based Projections. It can be hoped that, with his brilliant ideas and innovative approaches, he will be continuing to cater to the SEO requirements of his clients allowing them to witness exponential business growth.   

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