Mobile technology facilitates virtual skin and wound trials

Mobile technology facilitates virtual skin and wound trials

Dermatological care and clinical research frequently require the capture of images related to a patient’s condition, but with COVID-19 and other factors making travel to and from a medical facility a problem, a remote, patient-centric solution could help. Carlos Perez, CEO and cofounder of Swift Medical, describes its artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform, and how the company’s technology serves to elevate image capture and management in dermatological trials.

OSP: Could you please share an overview of Swift Medical—who you are, what you do, key specialties, and what sets you apart.

CP: Swift Medical is the global leader in digital skin and wound management technology. Our AI-powered, digital platform allows patients and clinicians to easily capture, track and analyze high-precision images of skin or wound conditions with any smartphone camera.

Swift Medical’s technology is used by more than 4,000 healthcare organizations internationally, including health systems and providers across the continuum, academic institutions, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Swift Medical is the only wound management solution with clinically validated reliability and accuracy.

OSP: Could you please describe Swift Skin and Wound—how does it work, and what advantages does this tech offer over more conventional solutions?

CP: Swift Skin and Wound makes capturing accurate wound care information as easy as taking a photo and can be deployed on iOS or Android devices without the use of external hardware. Swift offers significant advantages in wound management.

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