New LinkedIn Data Shows the Top Digital Marketing Skills Currently in High Demand

Looking to advance your digital marketing career in 2022?

This could help – LinkedIn has shared some new insights into the most in-demand digital marketing skills, based on its job listings and activity, which highlights the key areas of focus that can help you maximize your opportunities in the field.

As explained by LinkedIn:

As the pandemic accelerated our industry’s shift to virtual everything, it also accelerated the demand for marketers in digital roles. Digital marketing specialists are most in-demand, while the media coordinator role is experiencing the fastest growth.”

Indeed, LinkedIn says that half of the top 10 jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space.

LinkedIn digital marketing jobs insights

So how can you get ahead, and ensure that your skills match those that companies are seeking?

LinkedIn says that while ‘digital marketing’ as a term is in-demand, there are many elements within that which are often overlooked.

“While many marketers list themselves as digital marketing specialists, recruiters are currently having trouble finding marketers with skills in digital strategy, Omniture, link building, search advertising, and off-page SEO.”

LinkedIn digital marketing jobs insights

In other words, it may well be worth skilling up in more specific areas, or better highlighting such within your profile, in order to improve your prospects, and meet specific market demand for expertise.

LinkedIn digital marketing jobs insights

For this, LinkedIn suggests that users can tap into various LinkedIn Learning courses to polish and expand their skills.

“On LinkedIn Learning, you’ll find a library of courses designed to advance your digital marketing skills. Digital marketing courses like “SEO Foundations” and “Digital Marketing Trends” are among the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses for marketers.”

LinkedIn digital marketing jobs insights

It’s interesting to note these learning trends, which reflect where more job candidates are looking, while again, you can also better match your LinkedIn profile listings to meet these elements of demand, and ensure that your profile stands out in any job application.

It’s worth considering. Again, half of the top 10 most posted job listings on LinkedIn are in the digital or media space, and as economic activity ramps up as we move beyond the pandemic, that will open up a range of new opportunities which could change your career trajectory.

It’s worth taking a deeper dive into these elements, and seeing if anything piques your interest, while also improving your profile listings.

Steve Liem

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