Nikon Z8 rumors: is it actually real? What do we think we know?

So here’s the theory. Sony has a 61MP full frame sensor, which it uses on the Sony A7R IV. Nikon has a history of using Sony sensors in its cameras. Nikon does not currently have a 61MP full frame camera and there does appear to be space for a high-resolution model in the range between the Z7 II and the Z9 and that could conceivably be called the Nikon Z8.

Most Nikon Z8 rumors are from 2019 and 2020, which suggests to us that the time may be gone – but who knows? It certainly seems as if many of the rumored features of the Z8 have actually materialized in the Nikon Z9, and that maybe the Z8/Z9 rumors were actually about the same camera.

Steve Liem

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