NYC SEO Experts Profit Labs Reveal New SEO Trends for 2022

In 2022, the Google search engine will be using a combination of artificial intelligence and human experts to rank web pages. A new algorithm called RankBrain is already being used by Google Search, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide. According to John Mueller, an engineer at Google who spoke on Reddit about what the future of SEO might look like in 10 years time: “I don’t think it’s possible for any one person or company to know what the best answer is for all queries.”

Ron Tsanker, owner of Profit Labs, an nyc seo company, says they are well positioned to take advantage of the new upcoming seo trends to further help their clients gain significant market share.

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Ron Tsantker explains that “Google will use sensors on mobile devices to determine location, time of day, temperature, humidity, light levels and other variables that affect user experience.”

Mr. Tsantker further states that “Google is already working with Android device manufacturers to have more than 1 billion smart devices in the hands of its customers over the next few years. This technology can be used to collect data for search algorithms using multiple new sources including mobile devices. As a result of these changes, SEO rankings will rely more on human expertise vs algorithmic computations based on keywords or links.”

Artificial intelligence is already widely used by many industries including healthcare, education, finance and even playing chess. Marketing experts predict that artificial intelligence will play an important role in how searchers are ranked in future by allowing computers to learn and adapt to new changes and by determining the user’s intent.

When asking Mr. Tsantker on how Profit Labs SEO services would adapt to these new SEO trends, he gave the following example of a possible scenario:

“It’s 8:00 p.m., and your alarm goes off, waking you from your slumber. You notice that it’s cold outside – too cold for you to get up and turn on the heat…but you know that if you don’t, you won’t wake up tomorrow morning with enough energy to go to work and provide for your family. Do you crawl back under the blankets or do you push through? Your phone lights up as a notification pops up on your lock screen – Google Search has just sent out alerts about temperatures falling below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in your area for the next week. You also see a recommended article that automatically loads – ‘what to do when you don’t want to get out of bed.’ This will be helpful for future reference, but not right now. Right now, you need to decide how you’ll deal with the cold temperatures outside your window…”

Mr Tsantker explains “In this example, Google Search is able to help both humans and machines make better decisions from keyword data as well as location data from mobile sensors. In the future, what we consider search engine optimization may require actual human experts who can provide answers and useful content images that relate directly to users’ queries . As much as we’d like digital marketing experts to continue using algorithmic computations based on keywords or links, it might become more practical for engineers to collaborate with humans in the future.”

For more information about Profit Labs SEO services a free consultation with Ron Tsantker regarding how to structure an SEO plan for your business, you may visit the Profit Labs website.

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NYC SEO Experts Profit Labs Reveal New SEO Trends for 2022

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