Online Flight Simulator – Instant Gratification For Real

Get access to an on line flight simulator for instant, repeatable, and radically variable flying experiences. It sounds amazing when you put it like that, especially to someone who remembers installing aircraft sims on a PC way back when. But it’s true.

You can now download and get instant access to an on line flight simulator. There are quite a few available online so you need to be watchful, as usual. You want to get all the latest features possible and not just a rehash of an old CD version of some defunct game.

The first obvious criterion is to find an on line flight simulator provider that allows you to download their game directly on to your system, not play it off their server or having to wait for a CD. Some great advantages of online delivery are that you are connected to the supplier for instant notification of upgrades, improvements, tips & tricks, newsletters, forums, etc.

A decent supplier will be offering free lifetime upgrades, some kind of newsletter, and a forum for questions and additional information about the game. In other words they will have a real, continuing, web presence.

On the website of the on line flight simulator you should be finding a wide range of aircraft available for you to navigate and maneuver; not only fighter planes but helicopters and other aircraft models too. There should be newer versions of the aircraft to fly. You should also be completely unlimited in choice of destination and weather so you are getting a more adventurous ride in your favorite aircraft, not some variation of an old, boring combat game.

A number of the better available on line flight simulators are used by pilots or would-be pilots as flight training devices. They can try out different scenarios and maneuvers that would be impossible or too dangerous in a real aircraft. And so can you. You are getting more than just a game. You are getting a true simulation of what it is like to fly a plane.

You can also program the weather so you can test yourself in a hurricane or landing in the same airport in good and then snowy conditions. In the best on line flight simulator you can even synchronize your flight with the actual, real weather at the airport you are landing in or flying over. Good flight simulation games let you experience the changes of weather while you travel from one destination to another and the aircraft’s reactions to environmental movements.

And, of course, scenery needs to be realistic and mobile. This means that the landscape changes with you as you progress on your flight. Night lighting is concentrated in urban areas, car lights are visible on major highways, lakes and rivers are visible. In addition the astronomy should adjust to the plane’s position so that sun, moon, and stars are where they would be if it were a real flight.

All this detail is variable and changing, which makes it important to have access to a source that keeps you updated. A good on line flight simulator provider will do that for you.

Steve Liem

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