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HERMITAGE – Over the past year, OhanaLink Technologies, a Mercer-county based technology development company, has been working to perfect it’s proprietary communication and support platform as well as expand their capabilities to serve untapped markets.

The woman-owned app development company first entered the market in 2019 launching its premier mobile app, OhanaLink Baby. Since then, the company has worked to enhance their first-in-the-market platform as the basis for expanding their suite of mobile solutions.

“Over the past year, we have been heads-down, laser-focused on gaining market feedback, product design, expanding our family of apps, and enriching our user experience,” said Kara Wasser, founder and CEO. “As a result, we are entering 2022 excited to introduce new products to meet the needs of specialized markets, including healthcare providers, domestic violence agencies, health and human services agencies, education providers, and as a tool for organizations.

“We have learned a lot over the past year and welcome the opportunity to continue to expand our portfolio of partnerships in our region and across the U.S. to develop mobile apps that will help organizations to more effectively connect with their clients directly on smartphones,” Wasser said. “It has been gratifying to help create unique business solutions that enhance communication and support, as well as improve efficiencies and workflows.”

At the center of new products being launched is Direct Connect, powered by OhanaLink Technologies. DirectConnect is a customized mobile solution that helps a business or organization enhance communication, improve access to service and increase visibility to customers, clients or other service providers. This proprietary technology allows businesses, agencies, or organizations to custom design a cost-effective and branded smartphone app.

“We all live on our smartphones devices,” Wasser said. “Our platform allows clients to directly connect with their customers in real time, privately and securely – unlike other apps or social network channels that have been in the market.

One example of a customized product ready for release has been through an engagement with SOS Safety Solutions, a division of Synergy Comp Insurance Co., based in Mercer County. SOS Safety Solutions provides a comprehensive menu of workplace safety programs and services for more than 100 corporate clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with OhanaLink Technologies to design and introduce unique mobile technology to the industry that will bring the communication among safety professionals at our client locations directly to them – on their smartphones,” said Lew Kachulis, President Synergy Comp Insurance Co. and Gilbert’s Risk Solutions “We look forward to finalizing the rollout of the program to our clients and are confident that this will add value to better manage both their safety programs and their bottom lines.”

Whether it’s helping to design an app for a safety solutions provider, a healthcare provider, a college or university, or a community based agency, OhanaLink Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of products to support these markets which have been historically underserved.

For more information about the OhanaLink Technologies, visit www.ohanalink.tech or call 844-394-4398.

About OhanaLink Technologies OhanaLink Technologies is a mobile technology development company that offers a unique menu of mobile technology solutions designed to offer a secure communication and support platform. The suite of mobile solutions is designed to enhance user experience by providing private, easy-to-use apps that directly connect their “ohana,” or community of loved ones. The company was created by Kara Wasser, bank executive turned entrepreneur, who saw the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. After missing the birth of her niece, Wasser set out to create mobile technology that bridges the gaps in communication. The company launched the OhanaLink mobile app in 2020 and is available for download on either the Apple Store or Google Play and offers OhanaLink Baby, OhanaLink Health and OhanaLink Health Kids “virtual waiting rooms”. Users pay a monthly subscription fee.


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