QR codes in TV commercials: the newest innovation on TV ads

QR Codes in TV commercials are an amazing marketing tool for engaging your audience. Fortunately, the distance between a TV QR Code and a smartphone is short.

With the best QR code generator online, you can easily convert viewers by leading them instantly to your products, services, and other platforms in just one scan.

What are the advantages of utilizing QR Codes in TV commercials?

If someone tells you that television ads are a dying marketing medium, simply point them to the cultural phenomenon of Super Bowl commercials.

TV viewing has changed with time, yet it still has a devoted following.

So, if you want to make the most of your expensive TV ad, QR Codes on TV is the ideal option as it’s easy for customers to take action by scanning your QR Code.

Increase your social media following.

By creating a social media QR code, you may increase all of your social media followers.

One personalized social media QR code can bring all your social media and other digital resources together on one page.

Allow your audience to quickly like, connect with, and follow your social media pages by making it simple for them to do so. No more inconvenient and time-consuming distribution of long individual links.

Interactive content entices viewers.

Unlike typical, static TV interaction, QR codes can create a dynamic visual interface that keeps viewers visually intrigued and entertained.

QR codes in television ads allow for interactive material such as referring viewers to movies, photos, polls, and games that connect with consumers more uniquely and directly for a more appealing customer experience.

This increases client interest in the brand and keeps them loyal to it since it allows them to be a part of it more intimately rather than just being a distant audience.

QR codes are easy to edit and update

You must use marketing tools that allow you to correct errors or update data at any time.

Even after you’ve generated, printed, and launched your campaign, you can still change the information, correct errors, and alter the QR Code type with Dynamic QR Codes.

Monitor and test your campaigns

This smart QR Code function collects important data to help refine your QR Code TV campaigns. Identify the things that did or didn’t work, and plan a more tailored campaign next time.

You’ll obtain information about the location, date, time, device, and operating system utilized for each scan, in addition to the frequency of scans and unique scans.

With this real-time data, you’ll always be up to date on the success of your QR Code.

QR Codes in Action on TV Commercials


QR Code Voting for NBA All-Stars

A QR Code emerged on the TV screen between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA game.

You can see the “dub the vote” call to action when you zoom in.

Viewers were taken to a landing page where they could vote for their favorite Warriors players to be picked for the All-Star game after scanning the QR Code on screen.

Burger King QR code

Getting something for free is always a hit, especially for your loyal customers.

Burger King, one of the world’s fast food chain titans, recently used QR codes in a very interactive way to lift the spirits of viewers stuck at home during the pandemic.

KTVU’s brief TV adverts encourage app downloads

Fox 2 KTVU, a Foxed-owned television station, debuted a commercial promoting their mobile app.

The call to action (CTA) “Download Now Free” in the 6-second commercial was accompanied by a QR Code, allowing users to download the app in real-time.

Traveling from one screen to another is simple, with QR Code as the glue in the middle.

Advertisements and promotions must develop to keep up with our changing TV viewing habits, entertainment sources, and platform preferences.

QR Code-based television advertisements provide huge potential for businesses to engage directly with the most relevant demographic, acquire reliable customer data, and be innovative while marketing items.

Done right using a QR code generator software as QRTIGER, QR codes can add a whole new dimension to TV advertising.

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