Ricoh & Pentax stop mass production in Japan (but it’s business as usual in US)

Ricoh USA has issued a statement saying that the changes announced by its global President apply to Japan along, and not to the North American market. The statement in full reads: 

The announcement made by Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. on January 20, 2022 regarding a revamped approach to Ricoh’s digital camera manufacturing and distribution was specific to the local market in Japan only. “Ricoh/Pentax will not change its distribution structure in North America, and the company has significant plans and goals for the North America market this year that will utilize mass production of its products,” said Kazumichi Eguchi, President, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. “Customers in North America can continue to purchase Ricoh and Pentax cameras through our authorized dealers and directly via our website.”

Steve Liem

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