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SAN DIEGO, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — New findings from Rio SEO, the leading local marketing platform provider for enterprise brands, agencies and retailers, reveal a bounce back from pandemic local search behavior with a significant recovery in online listing traffic and engagement when comparing year-over-year metrics.

By analyzing the performance of more than 200,000 Google My Business listings from September 2020 compared to September 2021, Rio SEO uncovered the following national consumer search behavior trends across business services, financial services, sit-down restaurants, quick service restaurants, hotel, retail, healthcare and multi-family:

  • 62% average increase in total listing views
  • 102% average increase in total searches
  • 30% average increase in clicks for directions

Financial services saw the least amount of growth compared to other industries, with year-over-year declines in conversions, including:

  • 5% decrease in total clicks
  • 17% decrease in call conversions
  • 18% decrease in website conversions

Conversely, the hotel industry saw the largest increases, including:

  • 99% increase in total views
  • 29% increase in total searches
  • 50% increase in total clicks
  • 19% increase in call conversions
  • 42% increase in website conversions
  • 64% increase in clicks for directions

“Search behaviors are strong predictors of consumer purchasing habits, and as coronavirus numbers are dropping, we’re seeing macro trends emerging in travel and hospitality,” said Mick Wilson, Vice President of Customer Success with Rio SEO. “By understanding what people are doing, and predicting why they’re doing it, we can better help local marketers compare their own metrics and benchmark against these figures, especially with an onset of eased restrictions and pre-pandemic behaviors returning.”

While September 2021 listing traffic and conversions were up year-over-year, they took a major dip compared to last month. Across the board, all business verticals experienced a decrease in listing traffic and conversion rates from August 2021, with a handful hitting harder in key areas:

  • Apartment and multi-family complexes saw a 14% decrease in website conversions.
  • Business services had a 13% decrease in website conversions.
  • Healthcare experienced an 8% decrease in call conversions.
  • Hotels had a 15% decrease in listing views and a 14% decrease in total searches.
  • Quick service restaurants saw a 13% decrease in website conversions.

The one nuance to these trends is retail businesses saw a slight increase in total views and searches month-over-month.

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