RIP, traditional photography? Research shows CGI is undercutting it like never before

In many ways, new technology is making the lives of photographers easier and more productive – but it’s also putting many out of business. And here’s yet another example to add to the list.

CGTrader offers 3D modeling, 3D / augmented reality solutions and digital asset management services to online retailers. And its latest research suggests that it’s not just cheaper for clients to pay for CG visualization (or “virtual photography”) rather than a traditional photography shoot – it’s much cheaper.

This is a CG visualization of a chair, not an actual photograph (Image credit: CG Trader)

Specialist data was gathered by CGTrader (hat tip to Furniture News) from more than 100 photo studios and photographers, in 17 cities across 11 countries. It asked each for quotes to shoot five key furniture products – a table, armchair, sofa, vase, and lamp – and provide five distinct product shots with a white background, plus one lifestyle scene for each.

Steve Liem

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