Shooting Excellent Fireworks Photos – Tips and Tricks

Shooting Excellent Fireworks Photos – Tips and Tricks

When sky is illuminated with fireworks, one may get excited and try to capture the instantaneous moment. Often it ends up with failure due blurred or foggy or mixture of lights which does not depict the fireworks which we saw. This means shooting fireworks display is a challenge to a amateur photographer and the professional too. Shooting fire works display is simple if you follow few simple tips as given below by excellent online photographic store.

1.Have the Right Exposure.

In order to get the unique looking fireworks photos, it has to captured at the exact moment when it occurs.

If your shutter speed of your camera is set wrongly, it may not snap at the precise time resulting in blurry or smoky images. It is important to set your camera to manual mode and the shutter speed to be set to snap in 1.6 seconds. Manually set your camera to snap in 1.6 seconds. Under these settings, you are certain to capture precise colorful fireworks go off which you wanted.

2. Use a good Tripod.

It is better to use a Tripod when taking Fireworks photos.

The reason is fireworks display not only display vibrant colors in the sky but also shows different arrays of lights moving fast at different directions. Hence, the handheld camera may not be able to hold without shaking to capture the fire work in its natural way. Using a tripod, the camera could be kept very still so that you could get the fabulous image of fire display.

3.Get Rid of the Flash.

Many believe use of flash during fireworks photography will assist them. The flash will not add any value to the fireworks photos. Hence, always keep the flash turned off during photographing fireworks displays. This means, its better to use the manual mode if you are using the digital SLR.

4.Use Low ISO setting

It is important to note that photographing fireworks is not similar to other photo sessions. Since most of the fire works displays are done during night, the vibrant color displays instantaneously, the light sensitivity of your camera has significant importance. For example, the ISO setting of your camera has to be low.

What the experts say is you have to keep the ISO to be kept at 100 so that you could get fantastic photos depicting the fire display which you were shooting.

5. Less Dependence on Automatic Features

Since the fire works photos are all to do with lighting, When you set the camera to auto mode and use for fireworks shooting, it will not capture the lighting properly resulting blurry or overexposed images. Always set the camera to the manual mode when shooting fireworks photos, you are certain to get clearer and dramatic pictures.

So we hope by following the simple steps above, you are sure of getting amazing fireworks photography. Make use of the digital camera’s many settings to take many fireworks photos that will give you excellent pictures which may have an interest to many people. In conclusion, fireworks photography will give any photographer the opportunity to explore his talent and creativity.

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