Should I Get Waxed at Home or at a Salon?

It is a real pleasure seeing your freshly smooth body. Your confidence is invigorated, you feel beautiful and you are ready to wear sleeveless dresses.

 For hair removal, you have two choices: you can choose to go see a beautician in a beauty salon or book wax services in Lahore at home. Whichever method you choose, hair removal doesn’t have to become a nightmare. Let’s discover the pros and cons of both these techniques to see which is a better option for you.

The Advantages of Getting Waxed at a Salon

Beauty salons are there to pamper you while taking care of all your cosmetic needs – including the removal of unwanted hair.

The beauty institutes offer you a friendly, intimate, and luxurious space where you will have the chance to be treated like a queen by a professionally trained beautician and that for a reasonable price, of course. Thanks to the beauty institute, you have peace of mind since you know that your hair removal is managed by professionals!

The Advantages of Getting Waxed at Home

Home hair removal is a real boon for all those who are limited in time and budget. You can book professional wax services at home online to get waxed in the comfort of your home affordably and reliably.

With their vast experience and a wide range of products, professionals can help you get waxed in a comparatively painless way. Also, you can avoid traveling expenses by opting for waxing at home. If you have a tight budget and don’t have time to waste, then booking wax services at home is the best option for you.

Make sure you choose the best online waxing service to ensure the high-quality of products and experience of the service provider. For instance, Rica wax is used by the best waxing professionals as it is perfect for use in sensitive areas. You can also try out the salon-worthy experience at home if you make sure that the professional comes with an Electric Wax Heater! He will simply heat the wax and apply it directly to your skin, without any fuss or mess.

Waxing Expert Can Help Lessen the Pain-effect

The beautician prepares you for waxing by cleaning and disinfecting the hairy areas. You can do this in your own bathroom with soap and water, or by using disinfectant wipes. Once the skin is dry, you can apply the wax and remove the hairs as you go.

If you are worried about the pain, it is best to take a deep breath before pulling the strip against your skin. This good old technique from the institutes will help you forget about the pain for a few seconds. Another trick is to book full body massage and mani pedi services at home to get instant relief on the freshly waxed area. Also, the pressure from your hand can help relieve pain.

Waxing Expert Can Help Post-wax Care

You will still feel slight pain after a hair removal session which will quickly fade over time. You’ve probably seen your beautician apply a cream to your post-waxing skin. The same rule applies when you practice hair removal yourself. Apply a soothing gel to your skin such as Aloe Vera to give your skin a protective layer.


During waxing, the hairs are removed directly at the root. Beauticians know that body hair will grow back faster if they remove only the hair that is on top of the skin. When waxing at home, it is important to see if hair root follicles are present, showing that you have removed all the hair.

As the pores are open after a wax, it is advisable to get mani-pedi services right after it to get smooth and groomed hands and feet.

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