Six weeks with the Nikon Z9: a top pro portrait photographer gives his verdict

No camera is perfect, but for a portrait photographer, Nikon has certainly come close with the Z9. That said, as much as I love this camera, it still has a few drawbacks – and it wouldn’t be a well-composed view if I didn’t include one or two niggles in the frame.

Every photographer will have reasons to favor a camera and for me, it has always been the way a camera makes me feel: the balance, the controls, the viewfinder, the responsiveness and, ultimately, that urge to pick it up and create images with it session after session, client after client, day after day. It has to feel completely natural – no matter how many megapixels or bit-depths it can produce.

Paul Wilkinson with his Nikon Z9 (Image credit: Paul Wilkinson)

Steve Liem

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