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SoCal Digital Marketing, an online marketing company that provides SEO, Google Ads, and social media services is celebrating the companies 10th business anniversary in June 2022.

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SoCal Digital Marketing, an SEO and social media marketing company in Orange County, is pleased to announce that they will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in the business in June 2022. SoCal Digital Marketing is committed to helping companies expand their online presence, boost their rankings in search engine results, and convert more leads to paying customers, among other aspects.

The SEO and social media firm was first established in June 2012 and has since helped hundreds of businesses internationally to grow and succeed. Starting with humble beginnings as a one-person startup business, Andrew Guida, the founder and owner, has worked diligently to grow the company over the years and establish it as a leading SEO company in Orange County.

“Looking back ten years later, I realized that starting SoCal Digital Marketing was one of the best things to happen to me. I was able to meet clients that I consider friends and create a business that not only achieves their marketing goals but has helped interns start careers in the digital marketing field. The last ten years have been a growing journey that I am grateful for and am looking forward to the next 30.” said Andrew Guida.

Over the past ten years, SoCal Digital Marketing has helped generate high converting leads for law firms, manufacturers, limousine companies, video production, dental offices, medical device, luxury auto repair, and many more businesses throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and India.

They also have experienced a high rate of growth. The company now employs a strong team of staff members who support their clients across various sectors, including finance, fitness, law, healthcare, transportation, and many more.

The SoCal Digital Marketing team is incredibly grateful to their loyal customers who have stayed with them during the pandemic which resulted in record breaking years for several clients. Their hardworking team will also continue to deliver remarkable service to support their customers and keep the momentum up throughout the period.

The Orange County SEO and social media company aligns businesses’ marketing goals with a customized online marketing strategy to obtain the goals cost-efficiently. From strengthening their clients’ online visibility to improving engagement and fostering conversions, SoCal Digital Marketing will always be there to cover all their client’s needs.

About SoCal Digital Marketing

SoCal Digital Marketing is an online marketing company that can do everything from domain registration, keyword research, SEO, social media content creation and ads, and Google Adword campaigns.

To learn more about SoCal Digital Marketing’s services, call Andrew Guida at (949) 309-8845 or email him at [email protected]. Visit the company’s official website at to find out more about online marketing.

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