Stealth Cam Prowler High definition Movement Path Digital camera – A Person Tutorial

Scouting sport and wildlife with the Stealth Cam Prowler Hd Digital Trail Digicam has never ever been more sophisticated.

Stealth Cam’s Prowler Hd Electronic Movie Scouting Recorder with capabilities complete Hd video clip footage recording as properly as an 8Mb Nevertheless digicam. The system also stamps time/date/moon phase and temperature on each and every file to give invaluable field details. As very well as recording video and stills the Prowler data comprehensive audio.

With 54 infrared emitters, the Prowler High definition can capture night time photographs and topics out to 40 feet. It has adjustable video clip recording periods. (from five seconds to five minutes)

How to Set up your Prowler High definition

The Stealth Cam Prowler comes in the box with a belt strap, guidance and a data transfer guide. You will want 6 decent top quality C mobile batteries, and a SD memory card which you can purchase a 4 Gig one particular for about ¬£7.00. Functioning the camera at whole resolution with a 4Gb card will give you 1600 superior res 3400×2550 nonetheless photographs or 112 High definition video clips.

Positioning the Camera

It is encouraged that you mount the camera 5ft from the floor with the lens pointing at a slight downward angle. Be cautious of the climbing sunshine and situation your digicam so that it is going through North or South, and distinct any foliage from in entrance of the lens. Feed the strap by way of the digicam, there are two “belt loops” on the back of the product and wrap the straps round a tree or post but really don’t tighten them just nevertheless.

Direct the digicam so that it is experiencing the space you wish to deal with with the IR. Avoid placing the digicam towards a rising or environment solar as it can result in overexposure of the pictures. Slide the digital camera to the side of the tree, and appear by way of the viewfinder at the major of the digicam to look at the space the lens will cover.

When pleased tighten up the straps, and lock the belt via the buckle to make a tight suit. For smaller floor video game a wooden wedge put at the top of the camera will make the lens stage in direction of the ground a lot more, masking the ground area greater.

Testing the Procedure

1. When you are pleased with the cameras positioning, open up the digicam overall body, and switch the digicam on.

2. Press the Exam button, the digicam will then enter a 1 moment countdown manner, time more than enough to depart the protection space.

3. Stroll through your aimed seize place, making sure that the PIR picks up your presence, this is indicated by a green LED illuminating.

4. I use Millie my lab pup as a test puppy, but asking her to wander previous the digicam, examining that it picks up a more compact object, alternatively than a 15 stone human!

5. When you are pleased that the positioning of the digicam is adequate to deal with the area you demand, you are completely ready to get started.

Programming the Digicam for Procedure

1. When you have accomplished the Examination operation, you are completely ready to established up the digital camera. You must choose around now if you want to capture online video footage or continue to photographs. Don’t forget you can have a burst manner of 1-9 sequential photos in still mode!

2. Open up the digicam, and insert your blank SD card in the SD card slot on the side of the interior digicam overall body.

3. Switch the digital camera ON and next your guide, established the camera for possibly Digital camera or Video clip method. You also want to established the duration of the video clip, or the range of shots you desire the camera to just take at as soon as. In movie method you can have the camera operating in Hd, D1 or VGA mode, with High definition becoming the very best top quality but considerably less impression quantity per card. In Digicam method you can pick High, Reduced or Foundation resolution, of program as with video, the reduced the resolution means the a lot more photos you can match on a memory card. We established the online video duration to 20 seconds and the time out to 1.

4. The Time Out location lets you to convey to the Stealth Cam how very long it must “sleep” involving triggering. This must be established rather small if you are working with a significant capacity memory card, as there is very little worse than a deer shifting into shot, then out of shot for a instant, to return to graze in entrance of a sleeping trail digicam, that would not wake up all over again for 10minutes, in which time the deer has sizzling footed it to new pastures.

5. You should really also set up the time, and date at this phase, which is quite important when reviewing the video clip footage at a later day.

6. At the conclusion of every software established up selection, you may perhaps push MENU to exit and return to the camera position examine screen. You now have 60 seconds to close up the digicam, and to get out of the PIR zone.

7. Making sure you fasten equally clasps firmly, shut up the camera and leave the area, the camera is now ready to seize motion of animals.

8. At night the Infra red will illuminate.

9. Through the working day you will get colour photos.

Returning to the digicam

When you return to the digital camera, you can promptly see if it has been triggered by the counter on the front.

If you are blessed you will have captured both continue to or movie footage of wildlife or passers-by.

1. The Stealth Cam Prowler Hd arrives total with a cable to download to your Personal computer, even so this usually means detaching the digicam and using it household with you. Its ideal to have two SD cards, so you can preserve 1 vacant to swap about, and exchange the comprehensive SD card.

2. We have two SD cards, so open up up the digital camera, and transform off the digicam.

3. Get rid of the existing SD card, replacing it with one more empty card, make any variations to the menu you have to have these as resolution or time and many others, and then making certain the digital camera is turned on, close it up all set for the future working day.

Downloading your footage

1. We took our Prowler back to our desks and taken out the SD card completely ready to download.

2. Clear away the SD card, and then insert it into your laptop card reader. If your Pc does not have a built in SD slot, you can acquire a USB card reader for a number of lbs ..

3. When you have inserted the card, your Computer will study the info.

4. Open up up the folder containing the information on the SD card, and you can perspective the shots or video clip on your desktop or help save them for a afterwards date, or even add them to You Tube to share with the entire world.

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