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In digital marketing, social media platforms pose a big challenge with their IP bans on multiple accounts. Find out how to face the challenge here.

With more businesses moving online and more clients preferring to shop online, digital marketing is a must for any brand that wants to grow and become successful.

With 3.6 billion people using social media platforms worldwide, it’s no wonder that social media marketing forms a critical part of an effective digital strategy. However, marketers face definite challenges when using social media platforms. One of these is the dreaded IP ban.

Nobody wants to get a notification from a social media platform informing you that your IP has been banned, but it’s a reality many digital marketers and agencies face.

In this article, we’ll be covering the following topics regarding the challenges of IP bans that plague digital marketers: 

●      Challenges facing digital marketers

●      The solution: social media proxies

●      The benefits of using social media proxies

Challenges facing digital marketing

The dreaded IP ban is one of the biggest challenges facing digital marketers looking to use social media platforms.

Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have limits on the number of accounts that can be created from the same IP address. The limit is usually five, as it’s supposed to allow the members in a single household to create and manage their accounts from the same IP address.

If more than five accounts are created or managed from the same IP address, it won’t be long until you receive a notification stating that your IP has been banned.

You can imagine that if you run a business that relies on your social media presence, then an IP ban is less than ideal and can have severe ramifications for your business.

Another way that accounts can receive an IP ban is when your chosen marketing agency is located in another state or country.

Suppose the platform sees actions happening on the account from multiple locations. In that case, they could suspect that the account has been hacked, and you’ll receive the notorious notification that your IP has been banned.

So, what do you do if you’re a digital marketer that has to handle dozens, if not hundreds, of different accounts?

The solution: social media proxies

Proxies have long been a way for users to protect themselves online as they add an extra layer of security and hide your IP address.

For this reason, they soon became critical for anyone who has to create and manage multiple social media accounts. They’ve come so far that specialised social media proxies are now available.

Instagram proxies

Instagram proxies are some of the most popular as Instagram is notorious for dealing out IP bans quickly and not reversing them.

These are residential proxies which means that the IP addresses included in this pool are all linked to real devices and ISPs, making them undetectable.

These are also virgin proxies, meaning that these IPs have never been used to create accounts on Instagram, so you don’t have to fear an IP ban as long as you remember to limit the accounts to four new accounts per IP.

YouTube proxies

YouTube proxies also fall under social media platforms, but they work differently than Instagram, Facebook, and other social media proxies.

Using a YouTube proxy still hides your IP address, but for a different reason than avoiding an IP ban. In this case, it allows the user to avoid any content restriction and watch all the videos available on YouTube, including videos blocked in their country.

Other proxies

Instagram and YouTube aren’t the only social media platforms with specialszed proxies. You can also get proxies for Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok proxies.

This means marketers can get proxies for all the different platforms, and rest assured that they can safely create and manage these accounts without an IP ban.

Benefits of using proxies

Aside from being able to manage multiple accounts on social media, these specialised proxies also provide other benefits. Here are some more benefits of using social media proxies:

●      Reducing the load time of social media platforms

●      Hide your IP address

●      Filter unwanted content or websites

●      Build your followers by creating a presence on the platform

●      Improve brand awareness

●      Lessens the risk of multiple accounts being banned

●      Can effectively scale marketing operations

Final thoughts

Digital marketing comes with its own set of challenges, and none are more frustrating than receiving an IP ban on social media accounts. Receiving this ban can have a detrimental effect on the business’s revenue, sales, and reputation.

As such, it’s critical for marketers and agencies to find a way they can manage multiple accounts without risking an IP ban. Although not a perfect solution, using social media proxies is the best way to manage multiple accounts across social media platforms.

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