This Is the Importance of SEO for Contractors

The internet is a powerful tool for consumers searching for contractors. The vast majority of shoppers turn to Google to search for a product or service.

On desktop, Google captures more than 80% of all search queries. This number rises to 94% on mobile devices. This means that it is critical for contractors to rank high on a Google search query.

Many consumers do not reach page two of a Google search. Read on to learn about the importance of SEO. Explore tips and tricks to land on the first page of a Google search query.

What Are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO benefits are far and wide. The primary benefit is to drive traffic to your website. This provides you with potential leads that you can convert to sales.

The end result of more web traffic is higher revenue potential. You can entice website visitors into purchasing products or services with promotion codes.

Many successful websites use pop-up promotions. This is where website visitors are asked to sign up for e-mail or text notifications. By doing so, they qualify for a one-time promotion code or discount on their purchase.

Pop-up advertisements serve a dual purpose. First, they convert a lead into a sale.

Second, and perhaps most important, is that they establish a digital connection between contractor and customer. Now, you can add this new customer to mass e-mail marketing campaigns for new products, services, or monthly promotions.

This is all made possible by SEO. Without the high search ranking, potential customers never even reach your website.

The inclusion of internal links is an effective SEO technique. This occurs when a blog post or landing page directs users to another section of the website. This yields another SEO benefit, as it prods customers to explore the contractor’s full range of products or services.

Leveraging Google’s click-to-call button is another benefit of using SEO. When a search query results in local businesses, Google provides the option to call from your mobile device. By ranking high on the search results, you are certain to get more calls looking for products or services.

How to Develop a Localized SEO Approach?

SEO can be tailored for a specific geographical location. This allows your website to shoot up the search engine rankings when a specific location is called out.

This article explains how contractors use SEO to highlight specific local projects. Also, contractors may use SEO techniques when seeking to expand to a new territory.

The reason that this is necessary is because contractors typically do not provide a national service. Their work takes place in a specific region. Localized SEO is necessary to steer customers towards your business when they need a service near their home.

The Importance of SEO for Contractors

Contractors are in a race for customers in the local market. Many of these consumers look for contractors on a search engine.

SEO is a technique that sets your company’s website apart. With an SEO strategy, your website is certain to rank higher on a search engine query.

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