Top Deliverability Questions To Ask Your Email Hosting Provider

Top Deliverability Questions To Ask Your Email Hosting Provider

Email hosting in Australia has emerged as a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. With domain email hosting, you can improve brand consistency, the security of your inbox, uptime, and more.

However, for the success of any email marketing campaign,  high email deliverability is essential.  This is because it determines your sender’s reputation for forthcoming campaigns and your open rate (percentage of recipients that opened your email).

This is why choosing the best business email providers offering high email deliverability is essential. But how do you choose the best Australian domain host for email hosting?

This article will discuss top deliverability questions and their answers to help you understand how email hosting providers operate.

Important Deliverability Questions To Ask Your Email Hosting Provider

Below are answers to some email deliverability questions.

1.      Can Any Coding Errors Hinder Email Deliverability?

Coding emails using standard best practices is an essential step to ensure delivery into the inbox.

Too many problematic factors, such as malformed HTML tags, large images, script programming languages, and mismatched URLs, can indicate that your emails are suspicious.

Therefore, make sure your email hosting provider uses skilled and expert coders who understand and are updated with the latest email standards.

2.      Does Email Creative Appear Correctly Across Email Clients?

How your email is displayed depends on where they are opened. This is because each client’s way of processing emails is different and unique. If a recipient opens an email that looks jumbled, they are more likely to mark it as spam.

This can impact your business’s reputation negatively and cause your internet service provider to restrict future emails.

This is why your email hosting provider must use best practices while coding your messages. Additionally, ensure your email hosting provider tests your email across email clients before sending emails. A skilled and experienced HTML coder will ensure that your emails do not include any coding errors that can set off your email as spam.

Suppose your subscribers largely depend on mobile devices to access your emails. In that case, you must use a scalable or responsive design to ensure that your email can be easily clicked on and read when viewed on small screens, keeping your subscribers engaged.

3.      Is your Email Hosting Provider Using a Dedicated IP Address to Send your Emails?

A dedicated IP address can be beneficial for sending promotional or marketing emails to gain more control over your business’s reputation. When multiple senders use an IP address, any of their activities can impact you.

For instance, if other senders using the same IP address have a bad reputation or engage in lousy email marketing practices, your email deliverability can be negatively impacted as well.

Therefore, if you notice a sudden decrease in your email deliverability, you should contact your email hosting provider to examine and resolve this issue and determine whether you should opt for a dedicated IP address to send your emails.


Email hosting can also benefit small businesses. When choosing the best email hosting for small businesses, you should consider a few factors.

These factors include ease of use, storage space, security, pricing, functionality, etc. However, choosing a reputed and trusted email hosting provider should be the priority, as it will ensure smooth email hosting services.

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