Twitter Drives Social Media Traffic Away From Your Network Marketing Business

Twitter Drives Social Media Traffic Away From Your Network Marketing Business

Is your use of Twitter driving people away from your network marketing business?

Twitter is fast becoming the social rage on the Internet, as it is one of the top social media tools currently available. It is a networking system that allows you to make friends at a speed unlike any other. The challenge is to make friends and keep them interested in you while you generate leads for your network marketing business.

Many people are trying to use Twitter to drive traffic to their websites.

There is a real marketing strategy to bringing people to you so that they want to do business with you. Far too often people use their introductory Tweetback to pitch their product or MLM business. I don’t know how many times I have received responses similar to: “Thanks for the follow, here is my new business that I want you to take a look at.” This is a surest way to be “unfollowed”.

Build trust and you will gain a loyal following.

Focus on building a relationship with your followers through your participation on Twitter and your knowledge as a leader in social media and the network marketing field. Twitter is a social media tool where people choose to come and interact with each other. It takes finesse to use it as a business recruiting tool.

It is important that you do not overdue your online business offers.

You do not want to overdo your pitches to your online business opportunity. Use subtle titles to draw people to your pitch. They do not realize that you have garnered their interest which in turn gained that all-important “click” on the link to your Internet business opportunity. Don’t forget, you want to create rapport with your followers so that they look forward to your tweets. Once you have developed this relationship where your followers are reading your tweets and retweets, push the proposal.

Do not mix in your business offers too often.

One out of every 10 or so tweets is more than sufficient. Remember; don’t try to use a sledgehammer to get people interested in your network marketing opportunity.

Try this approach and watch your success rate rise. Twitter is a social media strategy that needs to be developed and cultivated so that you can succeed at achieving that blend of social interaction and sales pitch. If done correctly, you will have a huge captive audience that is waiting for your occasional offer.

Steve Liem

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