Upgrade or sidegrade? The APS-C format has a lot to offer, why not stick with it?

When most photographers think of upgrades, they also think about a swap to a bigger format. If you own an APS-C camera, it makes sense to upgrade to full frame, right? Maybe so – we’ll look at APS-C to full frame upgrades in the next instalment. But hold on… not so fast!

It’s true that a larger sensor area will almost always have advantages as far as potential image quality is concerned. We’ll further explore the reasons later on, but it’s safe to say that most photographers see a move from an APS-C format camera to a Full Frame model as one to aspire to. This is understandable, but we’d be missing out on many desirable qualities if we were to disregard buying another model with the same sensor format, without consideration. Total resolution and low light performance are only one part of a much bigger picture when it comes to buying a camera. 


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