What Is Aws Certified Solutions Architect Online Course And What Are The Subjects Included?

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When it comes to any skill or knowledge, it is crucial p keep up with new things happening in the field. As every industry is developing at great speed, the way the applications and platforms were used 5 years ago has changed today. That is why being up-to-date with the new changes is crucial. One of the most popular certifications in software and IT is aws architect associate certification

What is AWS architect associate certification?

When it comes to keeping up-to-date, the best way to do so is by getting certifications. These certifications allow one better to understand the topics, subjects, and industry. These days’ certifications are the best way to start a better career with more opportunities. 

Now, AWS is a highly popular platform used by various developers and engineers across the globe. The simplicity and reliability make AWS a popular place. But, as time moves forward, these platforms keep getting complicated. That is why one should invest in getting an aws architect associate certification. There are several stages of the AWS certification that one will have to cross one by one and get certified in the end. 

This certification has an exam that is help online and various languages for the ease of the applicants. Several questions are asked in the format of multiple answers and multiple-choice questions. One needs to get an average score of 750 out of 1000 to pass the certification and get certified as an AWS architect. 

Subjects to know

In AWS architect certification, there are 6 subjects that one should be very confident about during the aws certified solutions architect online course. These subjects are designed and chosen based on the requirement of the job and industry. Any AWS architect associate and developer should know these topics and subjects.

–         Networking and computing: In this, the aspirants will learn about various computing and networking attributes. One will learn about RAM, VPC endpoints, gateways, etc. 

–         Availability and scalability: In this, the aspirant will learn how the services and features of the AWS platform are integrated and implemented in various applications and services. 

–         Designing architectures: This is the subject that is regarded as the very fundamental base of the course. This one will learn about the IAM, AWS accounts, core services, and other organizations under AWS. This is crucial for both experienced and fresher architect associates. 

–         Data storage, migration, and databases: This subject covers various topics related to the databases, storing data in frameworks, using the applications for data management, and data migration. 

–         Logging and security: This subject covers the topics of KMS, compliance, security of the AWS services and platforms.

–         Application services: This subject covers the topics related to the services and tools provided under AWS, which is asked aws certified solutions architect online course.

When it comes to any exam, one should be well aware of the subjects to learn. Every exam has its own set of subjects that matches the field. 

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