What Trends to Follow for Party or Wedding Makeup?


No matter which year it is, one will keep getting wedding and party invitations. And when that happens one needs to dress up and look their best. Each year brings in new trends when it comes to fashion and makeup. 

One can hire a party makeup artist in Delhi who are professionals and can provide one with the makeup which suits them. But if one is thinking of doing their makeup on their own then there are a few stylish trends that they can always follow to enhance their beauty.

Get bold

One can always apply bronze or a golden eyeshadow (during an evening party) along with kajal, mascara and eyeliner. It is also a great idea to use a golden highlighter to highlight the cheeks and apply them as desired. Trying on some pink shades of lipstick can be a killer but only if that shade suits their skin tone and complexion.

Smokey eyes

Whenever there is wedding makeup, Smokey eyes are going to stay in fashion for a long time. Here, one can use black or grey eyeshadow. It is also necessary to use eyeliner to draw a thick line. Smudge the kajal to get maximum effect.

Purple wonder

Use the mascara to add some glamour to one’s look. Here, one can use a purple eyeshadow of darker shade to get the look. With this, one can add some silvery eyeshadow in the middle of their eyelashes. This will help the eyes to look much bigger and appealing.

Gold, smoky eyes

One can also adorn a glittery golden eye to a wedding or a party. Here, one can use golden shadows which can make the smoky eyes more attractive. If one is going by these eyes, they can choose a shade of lipstick that is preferably darker (mostly from the maroon shade card).

Colourful rainbow

For this, one has to pull the look confidently in order to become a trendsetter. Here, one needs to put some vibrant eye colours like orange, blue, yellow and green. One can mix colours together or they can use a single one to create such a unique look. When wearing this eye makeup, one needs to make sure that they are wearing vibrant dresses as well.

Messy and gorgeous

Winged eyeliner is always in fashion and one can wear them at casual events as well. But when going for a wedding or a party, they can combine it with a  bronze eyeshadow which makes it look out of the box. With this makeup, one can try a messy bun if one have long hair. If going to a wedding party, then using a black matte eyeshadow can make the look even more glamorous.

Metallic look

To pose a dramatic look, metallic makeup is what one wants to pose. This can be a great wedding makeup choice to look glamorous. Here, one needs to choose their mascara wisely.

When it comes to party makeup in Delhi, vibrant colours are always trending and one can go for pastel shades for morning outings. 

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